Britney & Jason | Miami Mansion Engagement

From their perfectly coordinated (but not-too-matchy) outfits to the ambience at the great Vizcaya Mansion, I knew this would be a great session! My husband had surprised me one weekend by taking me to the gardens here and I couldn’t wait to explore the grounds with this couple. They were so sweet to each other all day, and made sure I was taken care of with hydration which was much appreciated in the Florida sun. They were naturals in front of the camera, enjoying every second of being together. We tucked away in rock caves, climbed up to a vine covered trellis, and of course took in the scenery by the water. We stopped to stare at the Miami skyline and Britney let me do a low updo to finish out the day. It was a truly wonderful experience all around, and I would recommend this venue to anyone looking for endless photo opportunities!

2 thoughts on “Britney & Jason | Miami Mansion Engagement

  1. What a cute Miami Mansion Engagement shoot! Love all the wide angles, and the bright, sunny colors! Beautiful, romantic photos from a great destination photographer!


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