Samantha & Brandon | Love at First Sight

I know how that sounds *(you read the title, right?? Okay.) and you are either rolling your eyes or awaiting a fairytale. I can honestly say it’s the latter. I have spent my career watching love stories unfold, I’ve seen sparks, duds, puppy love and everything in between. There are some pairings that I could never begin to figure out. These two are the real deal, y’all.  If you haven’t seen their engagement session… do that right now. (Please.) Here is the link. Okay, adorable, right? I know. So showing up to their wedding I was more than excited to see what the day held. I had no idea it would hold an entire plate of Southern style comfort food… but we’ll get there. Even photographing the details pulled at my heart strings. They had thought of each other beyond seeing each other and getting married. They built up to it. Even after being together for years they found ways to make sure the other was excited about their very own “best day ever”. Brandon had been giving Samantha love notes in the time leading up to their big day and had even written a love note on the bottom of her shoes before she wore them to walk down the aisle. They spent time picking out gifts for each other and you could tell they knew each other inside and out. When it was time to lead them together to see each other for the first time that day, we were all excited. I love the moments leading up to the first look. Hummingbird House has the sweetest “Love” wall that we used as a backdrop thanks to the bride suggesting it and it was so fitting for their reactions! Letting them have their moment was so special and they completely calmed each other and excited each other at the same time. They signed the Ketubah, which I have not yet had the pleasure of witnessing (I know, there are still a few new things  to weddings after a decade!) and it was such a beautiful moment for them to share with their immediate family and wedding party that I was already close to tearing up. By the time they actually brought everyone out for the ceremony, had their readings and started their vows- I had a full on tear rolling down my cheek. The way they prepared their vows was incredible. They took every highlight from their time together, added quotes from the same author without knowing it, and even though Brandon *actually* tore up his vows (a joke that ended up backfiring at first!) they were both able to bring their guests right into their love story with laughter and tears. Once they walked down the aisle as man and wife, Hummingbird House came through in every way possible. Food was brought right to the wedding party and the newlyweds were shuttled (by the amazing Courtney– their coordinator who is  phenomenal on every level) back in the house for a private moment together to really get to take it all in.  Once the reception took off, the magic continued throughout the night. Royal Fig catering is top of the line on presentation and taste, and this wedding did NOT disappoint! Tables and tables of comfort food done in style. Shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles, cream corn and everything else you could want to fill you up with southern hospitality was right at your fingertips. Speeches brought on laughter and a few more tears as the VIP’s talked about the love that was so apparent to everyone in the room (well, tent). Samantha does not like for people to refer to  Brandon as her friend, and I get that. But it’s hard to deny that their love goes beyond simple sparks, youthful flings or just great friends. They have that lifetime love that people want to see more of. For the rest of this, as you look scroll through the photos, you need to understand just how fun the vibes were at this reception. Play this. (Go, I’ll wait.) Their hashtag was #AreYouGonnaBeMyCurl, so the band took this song and yes, swapped the words out for them. Edison Chair kept the entire dance floor packed and covered music from Michael Jackson to Toto’s Africa in a contagiously enthusiastic way. I (of course) had to dance right along and they even let me on their stage to shoot while they played. I can’t say enough for musicians who put on an amazing live show. It makes the night memorable in ways that only music can. As the time came for the night to end, I am so proud that this bride gathered every ounce of courage and ran through sparklers! Being terrified of them myself, I knew she had it in her, and they rocked their exit while their guests gave them a fabulous send off.

You might notice the photos don’t stop there! We took the next night to go downtown and take full advantage of the city with portraits (and they even brought their pup!) with our Texas State Capitol in the background in all it’s glory. Samantha was definitely the only bride who could have me to shoot a wedding on Connor’s birthday (my adorable son, in case you’re not following my every move on instagram and Facebook!) …I have zero regrets as they made the day just as special for everyone involved. Please enjoy– and know that this is the smallest portion of their photos! So hard to choose, but I’m trying. Let me know what you think right here on the blog!

Austin Wedding Cinematographer team: Julianne & Alex 

Austin Wedding Venue: Hummingbird House

Austin Wedding Catering: Royal Fig Catering

Austin Bakery (cake & cupcakes): Sweet Treets Bakery

Austin Florist: Wild Bunches Floral

7 thoughts on “Samantha & Brandon | Love at First Sight

  1. Amy has captured all the special moments for this beautiful couple. From the Capitol building in downtown Austin to their final ‘I Do’s’ at the Hummingbird House. It looks like a brides dream come true!!


  2. You captured this Austin wedding perfectly! My favorite photographs are the night portraits. This couple must be thrilled with there wedding photographs!! Gorgeous photography!


  3. What absolutely stunning Austin wedding photography! The bride’s gown, the gorgeous bride and groom sunset photos, but the night portraits are absolutely the most striking shots of the day. Just beautiful, romantic work that as unique to the couple as it is stunning wedding photography.


  4. Gorgeous Hummingbird House wedding in Austin Tx. What a beautiful venue and it looked like you all had perfect weather for their perfect day. My favorite photo is that black and white wedding portrait close up of the bride and groom. It’s a very sweet moment and a very classic photo.


  5. What a gorgeous outdoor ceremony at the hummingbird house. I love the bride and groom portraits in golden hour. The night portraits are my favorite, Elizabeth Birdsong Photography always knows how to rock good night photography!


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