Rachael & Joao | Together in Round Rock

I have a special place in my heart for long distance couples.

Whether you have done long distance for weeks, months or longer- you create something incredible when you come through the other side. You create something strong.

Right now these two have to live apart. She’s in New York, he is based in San Antonio. How sweet that I got to capture some of their time together!

As an traveling wedding photographer based in Austin, I get to see new wedding venues every week. Knowing she would only  be traveling to San Antonio for the weekend I knew I didn’t want to bring them too far. *(but a long car ride means more close time together, right?)

North Austin has a hidden gem in Old Settlers Park in Round Rock. If you know where to park at this Texas venue, you can find this perfect little red barn complete with chickens, bunnies and a goat frolicking around your “set” for the day. (Promise, I focused on not chasing and capturing a bunny.)

Golden hour in Texas is magical. Have I mentioned how much I love when a couple leaves it to me for timing? Engagement sessions should show off all the best parts of your relationship and these two made each other laugh throughout their entire session. Which makes me think all this long distance was completely worth it. 

Their New York wedding is going to be stunning and I am so happy I met these two.. congrats again Rachael & Joao!


Austin Engagement session location: Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texas

Lighting gear: Magnet Mod 


9 thoughts on “Rachael & Joao | Together in Round Rock

  1. Amazing Texas golden hour in this Round Rock engagement photoshoot. Absence really does make the heart grow stronger and helps to build a relationship on a solid foundation. Great use of love and light!


  2. cheer to this lovely couple on making long distance work. You can see their love for one another in this engagement session. Gorgeous location and the light is beautiful


  3. Old Settlers Park is amazing for engagement photographs! I love the variety of photographs you were able to capture and the glowing light. Stunning sunset photographs!


  4. What a Beautiful engagement session at Old Settlers Park . I love how you able to capture the couples personalities. And what stunning light for sunset.


  5. I love this engagement shoot from Old Settlers Park at sunset! As much as I adore your travel and destination wedding photography,, your Austin wedding and engagement photography is truly spectacular. Love that romantic sunset shot!


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