Libby & Austin | Barr Mansion American Gothic Perfection

I love seeing a single photo of a wedding detail and knowing exactly which bride it belongs to.

This wedding was designed to showcase Libby and Austin’s ability to bring personality to every inch of a venue by choosing simply that: the perfect venue.

I’m not saying Barr Mansion is perfect for every couple- (even though it’s a dream!) I just love that a couple who grows their own garden and appreciates the style of American Gothic (you know the Grant Wood painting… go click… okay. yep! That one.) can find a venue that looks precisely catered to their style.

How stunning is that stained glass window? Those long wood reception tables? The succulents mixed into the bouquets and centerpieces?! (I’ll give you a second to scroll and come back.) I know.

Throw in a hand stitched handkerchief with a personalized message that Libby gave to her dad during their first look? I was smitten from the get go.

I could have added another hundred photos to this one and still not conveyed how much fun this wedding was to watch. After their “I do’s” the wedding party snuck behind the mansion and they re-read some vows and I got to hear the bride’s Disney pun filled notes to her husband which had me appreciating them even more.

Having sisters myself- I thoroughly enjoyed having this next part be a first for me. I got to break from the timeline and have a mini sister photo session! And it might have been the sweetest new thing to come across my wedding photo list. These two share a bond that is stronger than most best friends.

I got to capture two different love stories throughout the night!

Now this getaway car was something I didn’t know about and if you can’t tell- I LOVED IT. Vintage cars are a treat to photograph to begin with- and they had just the right setting and wardrobe to really make it work.

I don’t think any of you (who follow my work) will be shocked that I encouraged the bride to go barefoot for her exit. *(I promise she wanted to, I just nudged her in the “right” direction)  I loved that I was barefoot for a decent portion of my wedding and simply feel that it should be an option!

This entire day was wonderful (and still has me dreaming of cooler weather). Don’t even get me started on how many delicious treats they had on their dessert table or I might start a whole third love story. *(If you’re not following me on my Instagram you might not realize how bad I want sugary desserts right now)

Wedding Venue: Barr Mansion



10 thoughts on “Libby & Austin | Barr Mansion American Gothic Perfection

  1. What a sweet wedding at the Barr Mansion! I absolutely love when weddings are filled with details that truly tell the story of the bride and groom. Great work capturing their story!


  2. Your Austin wedding photography was perfect for this Barr Mansion wedding! I love the dark colors and the American Goth vibe. I love when your wedding photography gets all moody and dark and romantic. And how sexy is that car shot? LOVE IT!!!


  3. Beautiful wedding photos at Barr Mansion by Elizabeth Birdsong Photography! I love the details and these wedding photos have a “mood” to them which I love! And that stained glass door is amazing, their bride and groom portraits in front of the stained glass might be my favorite.


  4. Omg this wedding is perfection! Seriously Barr Mansion is the perfect Austin wedding venue for this couple, I love how beautifully you photographed this wedding! Gorgeous work!


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