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elizabeth-birdsong-photography-austin-wedding-photography-6310Amy Elizabeth | Owner, Photographer, Hairstylist


Let’s just get down to it. I love being a traveling wedding photographer.


I really do. And I want you to love your results.


Each request to capture a love story gets me excited. Your story is so unique and organic. I want to get to see what makes you “you”. That is what I want to put into your photos.

Some people look forward to weekends to unwind from the stress of a work week. I look forward to the weekend because it means I get to go to work to make a few dreams come true.

I started shooting weddings after doing hair for wedding parties and I couldn’t get enough. Weddings have been a part of my work life for over 15 years! And that makes me happy. It makes me confident. It makes me #blessed 😉

Over those years things have been far from boring. I’ve shot a wedding featured on TLC’s hit wedding show 4Weddings, was flown out to do hair for the Home Shopping Network, and had photos featured in places like Country Living Online and Tampa Tribune. When I started to get flown out of the country to shoot weddings in 2012 it sparked a drive in me to find the most beautiful love stories all over the world.

Your story is key to these photos.

I want to know your story before I ever snap a photo of you. Being able to tell that story is part of what drives me to keep a fresh outlook on each proposal, each engagement, each beautifully unique wedding.

Imagination, hard work and energy are what keeps my company going.

Let your day happen around you and let me be there to capture the details.

Wedding photography should never be a stressful part of planning.


4 thoughts on “About Amy

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  3. Love this attitude of ‘going to work to make a few dreams come true’! How sweet and charming! Wishing you all the best in your photographic journey!


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