Sheri & Clinton | Florence, Italy Wedding for the New Year

When I started specializing in destination weddings, I don’t think I could have dreamed this itinerary. This wasn’t just a wedding. I was able to explore Florence alone and capture the city to my heart’s desire in my “down” time. I’m not sure I will be able to wrap up these events into a couple paragraphs… But here we go:

This group of family and friends traveled from all over the world to celebrate in Florence, Italy. All to savor the love of the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Meet them and you’ll know why people would take the effort. Travel plans carefully orchestrated, details down to a personalized (and delicious!) menu at Caffe dell ‘Oro for their rehearsal dinner. The Ponte Vecchio was the backdrop for the many stimulating conversations. It’s a good thing I love seeing life through the lens or I might have just sat back, sipped wine, and gazed off while learning so many incredible stories about these two. The adventures these two have already been on in life can only be described as incredible. After the final round of dessert and fine wine? We went on a walk around the Piazza Della Signoria.

Getting to type that is amazing.

The New Year celebrations were already getting loud so we took to the balcony of the suite penthouse Palazzo Vecchio at the Gallery Hotel Art to watch a firework show across the city. A group toast rang in the New Year and the events were just getting started.

If you’ve known me or followed me for any length of time. You know I don’t do mornings.

We started shooting at sunrise, y’all.

But this wedding day was filled with blue skies and brisk, cool air- which was welcome after having snowfall the day before. Just collecting the details to photograph for the day got me so pumped, it didn’t matter that I was a little jet lagged. The Bride wore Badgley Mischka shoes and a gorgeous fitted gown and paired it with a fur shrug that I assumed she had custom made for her dress. Turns out a friend lent it to her and it just so happened to go perfectly. Kind of like the rest of this trip.

We set it up for them to see each other for the first time at sunrise… on the Ponte Vecchio… Who gets to do that?! It was like they owned the city and you can just imagine my creative side was just itching to go everywhere. And we did. Then enjoyed the best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life. We took time to regroup and do touchups before the events of the day began.

The guests started filling in their seats that afternoon at the Palazzo Capponi on Arno which was a dream in itself, but as the string quartet filled the halls with music it pushed my senses into overload.

Imagine me on overload, guys. lol.

The ceremony was personal in such a beautiful way. They had family perform the ceremony- which ended up perfectly personal when the trip they were taking through Italy for their wedding was tied beautifully into their real life relationship at home.

All of these sentences sound fake… but I must continue with this one:

The hors d’oeuvres were passed around just before horse and carriages came to take each group to the reception.

You read that right.

Being a vendor so long, I am used to being excluded from “guest experiences” but you better believe I got to jump right in and enjoy the carriage!

The reception was on the rooftop level of the Westin Excelsior, and even walking into the lobby was an event in itself. A hand crafted wedding drink met the guests as they made their way from their personal carriage and through the hallways that were draped in Christmas ribbons. Christmas trees reached the highest ceiling.

My Christmas loving heart near exploded.

As each guest made their way to the top of the hotel and stepped out of the elevator you could hear a deep breath drawn in as they looked to the left and saw the sun setting over the Duomo.

How they found the most awe inspiring locations in Florence is beyond me.

Accomplished Italian band Note Noire set the tone for the evening playing softly in the background as the four course meal was served. On every seat at the table there was a handcrafted holder filled with gifts found and familiar to Florence.

Limoncello, honey, art calendar, local candies, and more were graciously given to everyone who attended. Before the decadent round of creme brûlée (should not have had my first one in Italy, probably all down hill from here!) made it’s way to the tables, Clinton and Sheri took time to address their friends and family.

They went around the table and shared a story of what each guest meant to them in their lives. Sheri’s daughter Skye gave such a moving toast that between all of the sentiment and wine flowing there was hardly a dry eye in the house!

The Duomo lit up and the dancing began… and all too soon it was time to cut the cake and say goodnight. And when else do I get to do a cake shot with the Duomo just sitting casually behind it? *(answer: never). 

Museums, meals, and music filled the rest of the itinerary as this entire group got to know each other and truly experience an event of love.

Please feel free to take me back anytime, okay?

Update: Still have never had better hot chocolate OR creme brûlée. Still in awe that I went on this journey.

15 thoughts on “Sheri & Clinton | Florence, Italy Wedding for the New Year

    • Her bridal shrug was just so fitting for her look, I loved it as well! Thank you so much. Being a destination wedding photographer has been a dream come true! And this dream wedding in Italy was better than I could have imagined.


  1. I cannot stop looking at this breathtaking wedding photography! Florence is such a beautiful city, and it would be an absolute dream to get married in Italy. The bride and groom are incredibly fortunate to have had you as their wedding photographer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The fireworks in Florence seems to be the icing on the cake and the wedding had not even happened! Thank you so much. I want to do destination weddings forever! ❤ Wedding photography is truly the most amazing job I could have ever dreamed of ❤


  2. Oh, my word. What a truly, breathtaking destination wedding in Italy.
    Seriously, you did such an amazing job here and the thing that stands out for me the most are the amazing colors in the detail and reception shots.
    This blog post is a terrific example of what you get when you combine a wedding photographer who knows what he or she is doing and a location that is, simply, to die for.
    I hope to one day shoot a destination wedding as beautiful as this. All photographers should be so lucky. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Paul! I appreciate that so much and I truly hope you are able to shoot an amazing destination wedding as well! Being a wedding photographer in Austin Texas is wonderful, but getting to be a wedding photographer in Italy was just a dream!


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