Daisy & Ryan | Southern Charm in Northern Florida

First things first.

This wedding was in Jacksonville, NOT Tallahassee.

About 90% of the wedding guests will understand my pressing need to clarify. For the other 10% and for blog visitors, I’ll make it short and sweet.

I flew into the wrong airport.

Thankfully the 2 1/2 (turned almost 4) hour drive was beautiful and by the time I got to the rehearsal dinner at Whitey’s, I was able to eat a delicious crab cake meal and enjoy a fun, laid back group of people and some live music while I got to unwind.

Once I arrived back at my hotel, I was amazed at the view in the lobby. The brides family was hard at work finishing every detail for the wedding. Burlap and mason jars took over as the programs had already been finished and placed in a box, ready to go. I’m sure not everyone got as good of a night’s sleep as I did, but you would have never known.

Morning came and we got to the beautiful Keeler Property and I took it all in. I always do my research, *(ok, maybe not for my flights…) and this venue had some amazing photos online to live up to. Being a photographer, I am usually pretty skeptical of the real life appeal of most things that I have seen on the internet. This venue went beyond living up to my expectations and I was pumped to start my day!

What was so great was hearing that Ryan had his heart set on having his “first look” at his bride only when she walked down the aisle. With only one close call, we managed to pull it off, and it was worth it. You could tell Daisy took his breath away as she entered the covered bridge.

The bride’s father walked her down the aisle, gave away his only little girl, and then had the unique privilege of marrying the two of them in the presence of their closest friends and family. Once he started getting choked up, it was hard not to get emotional. The ceremony was sweet and personal, and didn’t just end with a kiss. They were able to carry their son Ethan down the aisle in a sweet representation of their family starting a wonderful new chapter.

Then the party began.

No Southern celebration should ever go without grits again. When I saw the guests walking around with glasses full of shrimp and grits, I knew I not only had to get some, but I also had to text a quick picture to my Dad, whose home made grits set the standard. And I gotta say, these did not disappoint! Then it was on to pulled pork and every other good Southern food before the speeches, cake cutting and two steppin’.

Watching the guests at the prop filled photo booth kept me fully entertained anytime that I glanced that direction. Then of course getting to participate in the dancing helped me justify the delicious cake that I ate. The dancing continued until the absolute last moment. They only stopped to give the Bride and Groom a huge sendoff through a tunnel of sparklers.

Then began my journey to get some sleep before driving back to… you guessed it… the wrong airport.

Turns out my journey was well worth it.

5 thoughts on “Daisy & Ryan | Southern Charm in Northern Florida

  1. Gorgeous, you really captured the charm of this Jacksonville Florida wedding! I love the rustic touches in the barn and your photo-journalistic approach to the wedding reception, Amy.


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