Tanya & Matt | Bluebonnets in Round Rock

If you have ever been a photo client of mine.. You already know there isn’t much that I wouldn’t do to get the shot. This couple got to know that pretty quickly! With Bluebonnets being fully in season, I met up with Tanya and Matt near a field she had spotted before the session. And while the patches of flowers were fine and pretty on the side of the road, I had my sites set on the full field beyond the fence that was overflowing with endless blue! So even though we saw a Longhorn down the way.. I still couldn’t resist jumping the fence and asking them to do the same. I promised it’d be quick and once we were done we could tame it down a bit for the second half! I got the shots I wanted and we ran back to get back to the safe side. We then walked around Round Rock, which I had never known that there was an actual round rock that you could go to, so of course we had to get a shot with that as the backdrop. I loved walking near so much history in the little area near Brushy Creek. As promised, we didn’t enter any more danger for the rest of their engagement session, and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding!

6 thoughts on “Tanya & Matt | Bluebonnets in Round Rock

  1. These blue bonnet engagement photos in Austin are gorgeous! You’ve not only captured this couple’s obvious love for each other, but you’ve also photographed blue bonnets in a unique way, these are unlike any traditional blue bonnet photographs I’ve seen!


  2. I really wish we had Blue bonnets around me. I love your Blue bonnets in Austin, these engagement pictures are beautiful you did a great job with several different backgrounds and I love the ones with her pink shirt it pops so well.


  3. OH MY GOSH!!! You killed it with the Blue Bonnets in Austin! What a fabulous, beautiful and perfect idea for engagement photos in Central Texas. Those pops of blue bonnets are just beautiful and perfect. Great texas engagement photography.


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