Samantha & Brandon | Windy City to ATX

I am so happy we were able to make this session happen! When my couples live out of state I typically only get to Skype before shooting their wedding. After Skyping with them I knew we’d have a blast hitting up downtown Austin while they were down from Chicago. We started at the beautiful Zilker Botanical Gardens and thank goodness for cell phones. It was my first time shooting there and let’s just say we ended up on opposite sides and all but played Marco-Polo to find each other. Well worth it. Bamboo everywhere, oak trees, a barn and beautiful light.. any other day, any other couple I might have wrapped it up right there. We knew there was more. Austin is full with an undeniable energy that lures artists to call it home. There are so many well known and hidden spots alike, it was actually hard to narrow it down. The Hope Outdoor Gallery, which I have always known as the graffiti park at Castle Hill, was a perfect location for a grit filled look with a stunning downtown view of downtown Austin. They were game to hike to the top which always makes me one happy photographer. It means they want to put some work in too! On the way to the next spot, Samantha said we should stop by Brandon’s mural… um, yes. Always yes. Something with a personal touch is always high on my list. The inspiring mural that says “Love is the question Love is the answer” features the artwork of Daniel Johnston and Brandon helped produce the piece. It was part of a campaign to raise money for kids! Yep. Even better. (Look up #SuperHeroKids) What better quote to have for an engagement session?  Since I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to these two.. we headed for the Texas State Capitol building. When Samantha said she had never been inside, I knew we had to check. Who knew that the Capitol was actually open late?! I was a little excited. It was like having it all to ourselves and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to wrap up the night. I have so much more in store for their wedding portraits.. ya’ll better stay tuned!!

I will be shooting their wedding at the ever lovely Hummingbird House Austin with an amazing duo in videography- Juliane & Alex. Go ahead and get lost in their ability to tell love stories and let it get you excited for Samantha and Brandon’s wedding!

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