Alisha & Jordan | Mount Bonnell Sunset Engagement

I know I’ve told y’all that I love Austin. 

I love that I can go from downtown city views on South Congress to top of Mount Bonnell overlooking Pennybacker Bridge (360 Bridge to most of us) in a matter of minutes.

Add in a couple down for a wardrobe change, romantic lifts and dips, and some fun with off camera flash- and I am happy.

Getting to shoot for another photographer? Even better.

I’ve done it before and it won’t be the last time. There is a patience and understanding for the regular pace of  engagement sessions and a familiarity about how things go. Jordan (of Jordan Moments) and his fiancé Alisha were completely wonderful in front of the camera.

Definitely brought out the Magmod lighting gear for the stunning Austin sunset. Mount Bonnell is notorious for having one of the best views to watch the sun go down and I soak in every moment I can.

Thankful to have been connected to these two for their engagement session and can’t wait to shoot their wedding!

7 thoughts on “Alisha & Jordan | Mount Bonnell Sunset Engagement

  1. What a stunning engagement session. It’s always a great feeling when a fellow photographer chooses you to take their pictures. These pictures at dusk are beautiful


  2. Woah. What a cool engagement session in Austin! I loved seeing the way you incorporated the skyline in these photos and have to know how you got those cool orange spots in some of those photos.
    I love the way you managed to capture this couple’s personalities in the photos while also getting cool and creative artistic shots that I bet this bride and groom love.
    Wonderful work.


  3. what a Gorgeous engagement session at Mount Bonnell and captured so beautifully by Elizabeth Birdsong Photography!


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