Mansion Bridals at Colovista

It starts with seeing the dress.

I am such a sucker for lace, and obviously a perfect mansion placed within driving distance from my house in Austin, Texas.

Growing up I saw a photo of a mansion just like this. My dad was showing me photos of his childhood and I couldn’t get enough. It wasn’t where he was supposed to grow up, it wasn’t his mom’s house- just in the family… but the fact that it was even part of his childhood made it magical in my eyes.


I had already visited the gorgeous property of this bride’s family for her engagement session and it brought back that sense of family magic. There was a barn with an owl, a shed with canoes, and more open space I’ve seen in a while before we even got to use the river as a backdrop.

When the bridal session was booked for the Mansion at Colovista I pulled in and knew it was going to be a good day.
And not just because I had tried my very first successful natural deodorant, either.

*(Those of you following my stories know how excited I was to find that!)


Jaime floated around the wrap around porch like Texas heat didn’t exist. We explored the back edge of the property and took advantage of the dark and moody rooms in the front. I can’t say enough about this venue. 

Well, take a look for yourself and get excited for the day I post their vineyard wedding..

3 thoughts on “Mansion Bridals at Colovista

  1. Shut up. Everything about these bridal portraits is PERFECTION! Oh my god, such a beautiful dress, and y’all nailed it shooting at Colovista Mansion! That place is seriously on my to-visit list now – so much beauty!


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  3. Wow, what a gorgeous bride! The Mansion at Colovista is such an incredible place to photograph bridals at. I’m so excited to see the wedding images you took!!


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