Elizabeth & Chris | Spring Wedding at Casa Blanca

Oh do I get excited about Harry Potter. 

Kinda like a 5th grader when you say a class is canceled to have an extra recess.

Not sure if that even happens, but that’s the mentality I slip into. 

I was a bit behind the trend for loving Harry Potter... by about ten years. But once I dove in.. I read all the books and rewatched the movies countless times and it still provides entertainment for my oh-so-mature self.

My love for Star Wars was also a while after the release, but that’s not my fault. The original trilogy came out before I was born. But I do remember vividly when my dad said it was time for me to watch them. My mom was definitely against the idea that I ever watch them, and however they came to the conclusion- I remember watching and thinking I wanted to visit this magical land.

Needless to say- when a couple ties in either of these themes while tying the knot- I’m into it.

When they incorporate both Star Wars and Harry Potter into their wedding? 

I have goosebumps before things even get going.

Judge all you want, but I’m okay with letting those little things in life make me completely happy.

I’m not always there to see when a bride or groom sees something at their wedding for the first time. Things like the reception all decorated, or their wedding cake finished. But for this one- I loved that I got to see the bride look at her cake for the first time. And just in case I forget to mention it later- that wedding cake was beyond delicious.  *(if you follow me on instagram you may know I can usually pass up cake… I just LOVE chocolate. This. cake. was. everything.)

Right when I saw the bride’s dress- I knew I had to have her twirling. Which I may or may not have made her do more than once. It was just the perfect match on every level. The venue, the Spring time vibes, and go look at the dress she chose for her bridesmaids. I love that they got to wear floral dresses for a Spring wedding, yet they were black and gray. It was gorgeous against the pinkish bouquets.

This bride was the most considerate bride, honestly. She only thought of her guests while getting ready, and since it had already rained a bit that morning- she decided to move the ceremony from being outside, thinking of her guests with heels walking through the garden. Is that not the sweetest? So the ceremony ended up inside Casa Blanca‘s white house out in the garden, which is such a great alternative if you are switching from an outdoor wedding. Your guests can still see all the greenery through the bright large windows and they still walk on a pathway through the side gardens.

Win win.

And look what a great golden hour they had. They enjoyed their day so much, and I have such a treasured spot for a couple that can so easily go with the flow, no matter the weather. It speaks volumes of how they’ll handle life, and to be honest it helps me take a step back and make sure I’m appreciating the good times as they come, too.

You can peek at their reception photos to see if all the guests were having a great time, too. This group gave great speeches, used the photo booth, and we all signed a jenga block with a little advice for the newlyweds to look back on after everything was said and done. We danced the night away with “light sabers” *(of which they sweetly sent me home with two for Connor!) and I tried to capture every twirl of that amazing wedding dress.

Now for their exit. I wish I could insert a laughing emoji here. I love leaving the “extra” photos in when guests do exactly what I say not to do for a wedding exit. Every weekend I’m saying the same things- “keep your arms high, you can wave back and forth, but whatever you do:

Don’t get anything near the couple’s faces as they run through!”

But honestly it’s a funny picture, only if I am still able to get the photo I want by the end of everything.

Which I did in this case!

Hope you guys love looking through the highlights of this one. I wish nothing but the best for you two!

Congrats Elizabeth & Chris!  



Texas wedding venue: Casa Blanca Round Rock

7 thoughts on “Elizabeth & Chris | Spring Wedding at Casa Blanca

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and memories! We loved having you as our wedding photographer and have beautiful memories to look back on from our most special day!


  2. What a stunning wedding from Casa Blanca! Such an elegant event, and I love the nerdy details! There’s so much about the photography that I love. The wedding dress, the cake and the couples portraits are some of my faves, but those wide angles with the purple background are amazing!!! Love these!


  3. What a lovely wedding photography at Casa Blanca. I especially love the photos you took out in the garden at night it looks truly magical. The couple looks absolutely adorable and the bride’s dress was gorgeous. Great job!


  4. This is a stunning wedding. The pictures of the couple under the lush trees are my favorite. That and your always stunning night photos!


  5. I really enjoyed looking at all these wedding photos from Casa Blanca! The reception photos were really fun to look through, you captured the excitement and love of the day. Great job!!


  6. Casa Blanca sure is a beautiful place to have a wedding!! Your work is absolutely stunning and you captured the day so wonderfully! My favorite is the one with everyone holding the glow sticks. So colorful!!


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