Lindsey & Anthoney |Strength in NYC

Have you ever watched a country couple two steppin’ their way across a dance floor?
Like… doing a really fancy two-step?

Well, picture that, then go ahead and up the ante.

Big time.

Then toss in The Big Apple.

These two lifted, twisted, jumped and twirled around the city in ways I have yet to see any other couple accomplish. And I have to share it all with you guys.

Mostly because you all have come with me as I photographed through different countries, different states… and you’ve been there for my specific once-turbulence-hits-I-can’t-even-begin-to-relax type of flying anxiety. But also because even the new folks following along should get to see these two in action.

There are so many ways I could describe this couple, too. I’ll just put it this way: they are not only both physically fit, they both use that as a super power towards helping other people with their fitness goals. Running fast, lifting weights, training correctly, recovering sore muscles and understanding good nutrition are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their knowledge.

Hopefully you don’t feel bad if you can’t lift your partner up over your head on a whim.

Since I had people who could... you bet I used them! 

My favorite part about these two photos? The light signals. Who cares which way you go when you’re walking across the street like this?!

We started the day as anyone visiting NYC should. We started with pizza at Joe’s. I started getting all my gear out, and I almost forgot to introduce my partner in crime/assistant for the day. Sheri is technically my cousin, but we also might morph in and out of being the same person the more you hang around us, and it’s a complete hoot if I do say so myself.

Washington Square Park was a short walk from Joe’s, and if you are not caught up on instagram, just know that Washington Square Park was one of Connor’s absolute favorite places to hangout over the summer. Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Destination wedding photographer Washington Square Park engagement Locations NYC-1

One noticeable difference from our photos from over the summer is that there is no water in the fountain once winter hits. Little did I know that no water in the fountain meant that skateboarders would be flying back and forth while we hopped in for a couple photos.


If by looking at these photos you start thinking that taking photos throughout New York is easy, I say thank you. That means all of our efforts made it look that way. For the dance sequence below, and basically every other shot that I’ve taken around Manhattan, just know that there is always a whole lot more going on that we have to wait around for in order to get “the shot”.

They do make this look incredibly easy… but these next two photos below are what the behind the scenes looked like to try to get there. People walking in front of us, both Sheri and I shouting “great work! yes! right there! that’s it!” and other ridiculous things loud enough to cause enough attention to clear enough room for Anthoney to throw Lindsey around his waist and above his head.

I need y’all to know that if you want to work on the Brooklyn Bridge, every single person better bring their A game like this!

Now, the Times Square shots you see at the bottom of this blog? Look at this photo first:

Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Destination wedding photographer Washington Square Park engagement Locations NYC-2-2

No one cares what you’re aiming at. (I’m laughing while I am typing that because it got so crazy sometimes) And that is the most exciting challenge for me as an artist. It means I need to direct the progress as it’s happening, it means these two had to do these acrobatic tricks and moves more than a few times in different settings, and it means that Sheri had to nail the lighting each time without getting distracted.

And it all worked.



Elizabeth Birdsong Photography Destination wedding photographer Washington Square Park engagement Locations NYC-21We even took a moment to head back to their hotel so Lindsey could change outfits (I recommend this happening at least once at every shoot… click on this link for my FAQ and advice on wardrobe) and y’all can imagine how happy I was when she let me know I could cut the dress so they would be able to dance better. ummm, YES PLEASE!

For the last outfit swap, we all ducked into the Whole Foods by the Bryant Park Winter Village – another must do if you are in the City during the holidaysso Lindsey could change and we could use the ever elusive clean NYC toilet. And you better believe there was a line. What you might not believe is that there was a security guard to monitor the bathroom line. AND IT WAS ACTUALLY NECESSARY! 

Bottom line- before, during and after this session was done- I’m more than grateful for these two humans. They are wonderful AND they know the best spots to eat and drink, …and even my unrefined palette appreciated the amazingness of going to said spots. I tried a whole slew of new places, drank all the Konditori lattes, and thankfully actually ate a slice of Joe’s Pizza on their recommendations. Next time, though– I will get them out to karaoke with me. And that’s a promise.

Go scroll through these and let me know your favorites! Or even comment to let me know where you would love to shoot in NYC. 






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