Jill & Fletcher | Sweet Sunday Love

You don’t always see this moment. The time you’ve spent choosing your dress, finding the perfect jewelry, and styling your hair in just the right way will be noticed and captured for a lifetime, yes. But when your groom catches that first glimpse of you coming down the aisle, it lights you up and it all seems worth it. You take his breath away. This moment is what girls dream of, being seen as the only person in a crowded room. This is the feeling that the guests got to witness on this Sunday wedding. It’s a rare and beautiful thing. As they watched Jill and Fletcher come together, music flowed through the quaint room and you couldn’t help but smile with them. Just look at their smiles during the ceremony! I don’t think I’ve had a bride and groom both give me such great smiles and laughs during an entire ceremony and of course that made me enjoy my day all the more. A little rain couldn’t keep us from getting portraits, either. Once you walk around the grounds at Green Pastures Restaurant you fall in love with the charm, the oak trees, and if you’re like me- the antique piano in the foyer. Some would be hesitant to wander into a field after rain in their finest clothes, but these two went all in! And I’d like to think it was well worth it. I could hardly pick my favorite candid moment of their time alone together. Once we went back into their reception, we were greeted with the best brunch I have ever enjoyed. And I live in Austin, where brunch is only second to barbecue. They had a mimosa bar flowing, an entire table of deserts to try (along side their stunning wedding cake!) and the food was so incredible I couldn’t begin to list the variety if I tried… and I tried pretty much all of it! Just another perk of working with amazing people! All too soon it seemed that everyone was forming an exit line to cheer them on to their next big adventure. As they start their lives together I hope they remember how much they make each other smile. It’s a beautiful thing.

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