Alana & Chad | Love & Law at Lighthouse Point Yacht Club

First off, it’s a little intimidating to send your contract to a bride who is a lawyer for review.

But all intimidation flew out the window during our first phone meeting.

I am always looking for the next unique wedding, and this hit it out of the park with her opening comment:

“My dogs are my children and they will be part of the wedding party”


Then it was secret time. I had to be sworn to silence about the wedding gown, which already had me excited. Then she said it. Her dress was PINK! Ombre pink wedding dress? Gah. Yes please.

The excitement didn’t stop there. Besides the candy bar *(which was truly a full dessert buffet) I loved looking for each pink ombre detail. But pink was not the only thing to grab everyone’s attention.

The cake topper, which was an epic ode to Game of Thrones, was obviously a hit along with the hysterical speeches and little messages on their shoes (for those who got to see them!)

Another thing to note was how this groom was entering into a fabulous relationship of a mother and daughter only to be paralleled by that of the Gilmore Girls. *(and you guys know how much I love me some Lorelei & Rory) Being walked down the aisle by her mom was more than a special moment for this beautiful bride.

Surrounded not only by friends but by their sweet pups, Chad broke the glass and that started the rest of the night! Guests could choose from either signature drink: the Blushing Bride or the Blue Bowtie, both of which they seemed to enjoy! There was amazing music, and it wouldn’t be complete without the Hora.

This wedding was a perfect mix of a little tradition and a whole lot of wonderful originality.

Mazel Tov! 

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