Sarah & Danny | A Walk in the Park

With their adorable pups in tow, I knew this session would be good. The trees had gorgeous color, and Sarah had brought details that were important to them, which I absolutely love. Nothing says more than making your session unique and personal to your own story. Once we started shooting and I didn’t want to stop, even as the night crept up on us. Mind you this was the first time I had left my newborn son Connor with babysitters who weren’t family, so you would think I would be rushing through things. With all the magic happening through the lens I just couldn’t end a minute sooner.  And they got adventurous with me. At one point or another we were either sitting (or laying, in my case) on the ground, jumping over water, or actually *in* the water and I didn’t have to wait long to click at that perfect moment of natural smiles. These two have such a great chemistry and I got the pleasure of simply navigating and then just watching them be “them”. It’s a wonderful thing to not feel like I am forcing a couple to get close and have fun. I can’t even wait to shoot their wedding! May can’t come soon enough.

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