Kat & Rae | SteamPunk Dream

I was extremely excited, not only to get to shoot this wedding, but to get to style the hair. True, I style hair for most of the weddings I shoot, but how often do I get to create for a steampunk theme? To put it over the top, this was going to be live streamed overseas. Gotta love technology. Kat is from Austria, and given my love for travel, I definitely wanted to take on this wedding, if only to hear the bride and her family speaking Austrian German! The bouquet of intricate time pieces, the brides amazing boots, their top hats. I couldn’t get enough of the details. Neither could the guests. Everyone arrived in steampunk attire and created the atmosphere for the day. Every moment was original. These two even get bonus points for two of their guests being the authors of my all time favorite cookbook! From start to finish, this tightly woven group of friends and family thoroughly shared their love and prayers with this couple as the night ended in worship. I am so glad I stayed to be a small part!

One thought on “Kat & Rae | SteamPunk Dream

  1. Hi Amy! So glad to see our wedding on your blog. It was an amazing day and you were the best photographer ever! I can tell your talent has become even better and I’m stoked that your career has taken you to many far and exciting places. May God continue to bless you and your family! Keep doing what you love. Greetings, Kat


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