Hollie & Tim | Hold On for One More Day

You could hear the girls “Cheers!” from the first floor of Memory Lane as they got ready to start the big day. Hair & Makeup was happening, drinks were topped off, and most importantly: music was playing. As the bride got into her flowing white gown, her father made his way up the stairs and waited for the “Ok”. They both tried to hold back tears as he looked as his little girl. The next time they were seen together was walking down the lantern-lit aisle as the guests stood with all eyes on the Bride. It was hard to look away from Hollie’s beaming smile as she saw Tim waiting for her to take his hand. With a few tears and lots of laughter, they made it through their vows and gave an impressively low dipping kiss to seal the deal. Anything new makes my creative side jump for joy, so when Tim literally swept his bride off her feet to carry her down the aisle, my camera was ready to go! Since it was a chilled forty one degrees out while we took portraits, these two made it easier (and cuter!) by bundling up close together to keep warm. Once they were introduced as the new “Mr. & Mrs.” the dancing didn’t stop! There was great food, good music, and a Photo Booth that keep the guests completely entertained. The Bride made sure she could join in the action by switching into her Converse shoes and putting her formal heels to rest. Anyone who was there can say what a fun time this group was down to the requested the contagious Wilson Phillips hit: Hold On to finish off the night. *(Dare you not to go jam to the music video right now). Once the party was forced to stop, the guests lined up for a lively exit of tossing rose petals and sent the newly weds to their limo with love and one more round of loud cheers!

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