Julie & Kelly | Austin Skyline Sweetness

I could not have predicted the tears I shed reading their love story from start to finish. Photos and words put to music are a trend I have seen countless times, but this one was special. It was about a community. Family and friends from all over. This Dallas Stars reporter was only 28 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. That didn’t stop her boyfriend Kelly from asking her to spend her life with him and his son. Beloved. That is how these two are viewed, and I could feel it even as an outsider. I didn’t feel like an outsider for more than it took to walk from the elevator to the hotel room where the girls were getting dolled up for the big day. They welcomed me and made it simple to capture the candid girl talk around hairspray and mimosas. St. David’s is on my usual drive, so I already knew it was a spectacular venue. The obstacles this bride went through to get through those doors and say “I do” made it a sacred place for even the hardest of hearts. Psalm 46:10 “Be Still and know that I am God”. That inscription was one of many inspiring messages that paired along with the chemo that helped Julie kick out cancer from her body. Radiant is too soft a word to describe her as she walked down the aisle, her real hair growing back underneath an perfectly styled hairpiece. Hardly a dry eye was seen as they vowed to love each other forever. After wiping my own mascara off of my eyes, I took them out for portraits and just watched them gush over each other. Everyone enjoyed the short walk through the city to the reception at The Intercontinental. She changed into a vintage inspired wedding dress after the dances were done. The groom’s mom gave an incredibly touching speech that now has me hoping my son will one day allow me to speak at his wedding. The band played as we walked outside for some night portraits with the Austin skyline and then came back inside to enjoy some cake on the inner balcony. I had to stay to see the horse drawn carriage whisk them away to their happily ever after.

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