Lindsey & Anthoney | Cowboy Boots & Cupcakes

Their engagement session told me that I had a unique couple on my hands. I got *way* too excited when they told me they actually knew how to dance… and do tricks! Ok, I think it’s called stunts? Or something more professional. Either way, these two got the moves. Turns out so do their guests! Being the only one without boots on (I need to work on that..) it seemed this entire group was tight knit and ready to celebrate the bride and groom. The ceremony had live music washing through the cold air over the crowd as they listened to their beautiful story of love. Very few had dry eyes as they promised to stay with each other through every hard part of life, knowing that their relationship had already gone through fire that year with the loss of the groom’s father. They vowed to stay in love with each other and with God, and you could feel the truth behind the words. They were pronounced man and wife and left smiling through the wide open doors! Wasn’t long until the dance floor was full after the lineup to get delicious BBQ.. have I mentioned I love my job? Then I kept picking my jaw off the floor as I watched all the line dances, two-steppin’, flips and lifts! The cupcakes were fantastic, and since there were different sizes, I just had to try more than one mini flavor (ALL delicious). This sweet couple got to exit to a huge explosion of brightly colored confetti and start their lives together. I believe they will be celebrating many wonderful anniversaries!

Wedding Venue: SisterDale Dancehall and Opera House

Catering: Grady’s BBQ San Antonio

Cupcakes: Sugar Shack, Wimberly, Tx

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