Kira & Jason | I Found You

Non stop energy. From the Bridal party prep time, to the dance floor at Mercury Hall, it felt like the music and laughter never paused! I could tell from Kira’s brightly colored Ivanka Trump heels and the girls matching floral kimono style robes that I was in for a good time. Simple unique touches made my photographer eye happy all day. Kira styled her own hair, carried a stunning bouquet full of color, and even had a non traditional pop of pigment on her ring finger. Theirs was one of my favorite “first looks” underneath an old live oak tree at the venue. You could see her face light up as she slowly turned around to her groom, and Jason’s breath was audible as he took in the vision of his bride to be. The guests started finding their seats as the wedding party anxiously waited behind the clear chapel doors for the go ahead from Austin wedding planner Rosa Gibson. Beaming smiles and happy tears were scattered among the crowd during their ceremony. The guests were able to enjoy the catering on the grounds between the ceremony and reception hall during cocktail hour. The string lights set the ambiance for a relaxing tone before the introduction of the bride and groom. Lines formed around the savory gourmet mac-and-cheese buffet, and guests crowded around the freshly uncommon pastel macaroon cake.  As each speech told a little part their love story, you could see a little part of their future unfolding. The first dance to Alabama Shakes “I Found You” was simply contagious. You couldn’t help but want to know every lyric and shake along with them as they swayed and jived around the dance floor. DJ Sean Alan did not disappoint for the entirety of the night. The bride and groom both got a little more comfortable in their get away clothes to finish off the evening. Continuous dancing, singing, and interpretive dance made for exactly what I anticipated from the get-go: non stop energy and pure love!

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