Lindsey & Michael | Big City Love

Whenever a couple is down to jump in the car and head to a different spot off the bat, I’m happy. It’s like someone saying “you are the expert here, we trust you”. On the drive from the local YMCA, I was able to get a feel for this adventurous pair. They have actually had a long term relationship, which I think is such a great factor in marriage. They were so comfortable around each other, and able to make each other laugh and enjoy some not-so-serious faces. I definitely took advantage of the ‘down for anything’ spirit. Throw in a little exercise from walking over two miles between locations and I think we wore out their pup!  We even made it up on SnapChat thanks to a drive-by photo taken and Mike’s friend spotting it on the social media app in time to share. Quite a productive day! Very glad they were so game for staying until dark for a city shot down by Lady Bird Lake. Worth the walk, every time.

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