Elizabeth & Tracy | Pure Glamour at Horseshoe Bay

Right when I caught a glimpse of the decoration in the reception area, I knew where I wanted to photograph the details. This bling was done so tastefully and lit up the entire room! Tucked away downstairs the girls were bustling getting ready in their floral robes as I came in to get all the things I needed. Hair and makeup was already looking gorgeous, lights were setup and Elizabeth was calmly getting pampered, Bridal champagne flute in hand. It was so sweet to be there while she read her card from her husband-to-be, and grab pictures as she teared up, trying not to ruin her fresh eye makeup. We grabbed the champagne and headed outside to enjoy the sun and photograph the bridal party having a bit of pre-wedding fun! The ceremony was set up to perfection and ready for a breath taking event. Even with the wind, the floral design down the aisle stayed part of the backdrop as they said their vows. You could just see how excited these two were to see each other as Elizabeth came down the aisle and shot a wink to Tracy. The joy and connection continued through every moment of their ceremony and didn’t stop after they said “I do”. We soaked up every sun kissed moment we had outside as I was able to take this love struck couple for portraits around Horseshoe Bay. We were able to steal a look at their reception area before anyone else saw it, which is such a unique moment if a bride and groom are able to sneak into the room before their guests start the move in from cocktail hour. We walked out to see the views from the docks and I was able to catch a few great moments as they enjoyed their first minutes of being married. Once they started their reception it was one sweet dance after another. The live music brought everyone together onto the dance floor for the rest of the night. I almost didn’t want the cake to be cut- it was the most original cake I’ve seen! Who else has had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles peeking out the back of the bottom tier of their wedding cake?? I’m also incredibly happy that these two snuck out with me for a couple night shots by their ceremony site. We headed back in for more dancing, an Aggie fight song, and an amazing sparkler exit to finish off the night! Everything went off without a hitch thanks to amazing planning by Whitney Elizabeth Events and I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter planner to help with the whole day.

Wedding Venue- Horseshoe Bay Resort

Wedding Planner – Whitney Elizabeth Events

Wedding Florist- Meagan Monroe- meagan_shaye@yahoo.com

Wedding Cake- Simon Lee Bakery – Art Fuentes

Wedding Hair-  Kelsie Gibson- 512.948.5929

Wedding Makeup- Lola Beauty– Lorena & Lauren

Wedding Band- Jump Start

Wedding Officiant- Michael Boles- michaelswedding@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “Elizabeth & Tracy | Pure Glamour at Horseshoe Bay

    • Thank you! The bling theme was so fun to add in to their detail photos! Being an Austin wedding photographer is just amazing, and having a great bride and groom to work with is an added bonus! Texas wedding photography is always full of variety.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous wedding photography from Horseshoe Bay! I love the way you photograph details, and your bridal portraits are always beautiful. Great poses with the bride and groom by the water. Love your wedding photography!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Lori! I love taking time with wedding photography. It helps having Texas wedding venues like Horseshoe Bay Resort to photograph! It breaks away from any typical Austin wedding photography since it’s out on the water. The wedding portraits can have a uniquely different feel with such a gorgeous backdrop.


    • Thank you! Glamorous was definitely the theme, and the Texas waterfront wedding venue adds to it with charm. It’s a unique getaway from Austin and I love being part of this resort! Horseshoe Bay Resort makes me one happy Texas wedding photographer!


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