Wendy & Brad | Family of Three

Not only was this venue full of little nooks to take advantage of for photos, but I had such a sweet couple to spend some time with! And Klaus. This dog, I mean.. he seriously had to be one of my finest clients! Just posing with his parents and going along with every little setup we were hoping to get. Every few minutes it seemed we were reminded that dogs weren’t allowed at the LBJ Wildflower Center.. but Wendy and Brad had done their research! They made sure Klaus was a therapy dog and able to be a part of not only this special engagement session, but also for their wedding day at the same venue. We also had their amazing friend Vicki helping when we needed the pup out of the frame for a few. I always recommend a little scene change whether it’s outfits or a separate backdrop, but they stepped it up when all three of them were able to switch it up while staying in the color wheel for the wedding. I of course needed to know where Wendy got the perfect bowties for Klaus, and turns out she made them herself. Crafty, sweet and pretty! Brad you got yourself a catch. And it’s no secret that I can’t wait to shoot this Spring wedding!

13 thoughts on “Wendy & Brad | Family of Three

  1. What a beautiful engagement shoot at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center! And their doggie oh my gosh, I loveee that sign “my humans are getting married” so funny haha!

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