Crystal & Louis | Vows by Candlelight

Starting my day with Crystal and her girls was like walking into a party where you already knew everyone. These girls turned getting ready into an event in itself!

I was able to shoot all of the details for the day while listening to them sing, laugh and just talk about the crazy fun that was about to happen. The flowers were stunning with silver leaves, which I had never seen done before! I got a chance to leave ahead of time to meet the guys at Victory church for some group photos. When I said “no, don’t worry- go ahead and get crazy for the photos- I will just be here shooting” I got a great shot of the groom saying “you have no idea what you just gave permission to!” And I enjoyed every minute.

These two people are surrounded by a group of friends and family that love them fiercely and made sure that their day was as lively, free and fun loving as possible. All the selfies you could ever want included! The ceremony was lit up by candlelight everywhere and a beautiful backdrop of hanging lights and white decor. All the guests wore white and watched as they said their vows to love each other forever. There were two singers who gave chills with their duet while Crystal and Louis lit their unity candle.

Once these two were pronounced man and wife the party started and didn’t stop even after the dj played the last song! The reception was at The Renaissance Hotel and was filled with dancing and laughter the entire night. I am usually not one for any games during the reception.. but it’s safe to say that watching them play the “shoe game” was hysterical! Not to mention when the DJ lined up the Bridal party to have the groom try to pick out his bride by feeling each person’s arm (while he was blindfolded) and Louis not only knew which one Crystal was, he held on to her and wouldn’t let go! There were sweet family dances, beautiful toasts, but one of the most touching speeches for me to hear was after the anniversary dance.

The couple that had been married the longest was asked for advice. The wife of this couple had such great words of wisdom, among which were “don’t be so quick to give up” as she explained the hardships that life can bring when you are joined to someone for life. Such a sweet and true reminder for me! I try not to get jaded by the wedding industry and people like this help it to feel real all over again.

But back to the dancing! There was no “lull” on the dance floor and I was so happy to be able to steal these two away from their loving guests for just a moment for the last night wedding portraits.

I am so happy to have been set up with Crystal and Louis and I look forward to seeing them continue to post about their happiness!

5 thoughts on “Crystal & Louis | Vows by Candlelight

  1. It’s plain to see that this Renaissance Hotel wedding was full of love, support, family, and fun! Your photographs truly capture so much emotion and excitement, I feel like I was in the room with the couple!


  2. Such wonderful Austin wedding photography! That cover shot is my absolute favorite. Really joyous photos. The bride and groom should be absolutely thrilled with how you showed off the Renaissance Hotel. Just beautiful.


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