Abby & Kyle | Highschool Sweethearts

“Like a bride waiting for her groom, we’ll be a church ready for you..”
I was so moved on my way to shoot this wedding. This song (Even So Come) came on during the drive and I just welled up inside knowing that today would be special. It didn’t disappoint. I had already had the pleasure of spending time with Abby and her mom during a beautiful bridal session at their venue and I knew that this wedding was going to be an event worth celebrating. When I walked into the bridal suite at Pecan Springs Ranch it was already bustling with girl chatter, laughter and of course the smell of hairspray.
I knew they were going to do a first look, but what I loved is that they asked for time to themselves after I captured them seeing each other so they could spend a moment in prayer. What a sweet unique request from one of my youngest couples. They decided to give gifts to each other before the wedding and they both seemed to have gotten just the right thing. Sometimes I wish I did video to be able to save the sweet words a couple will share in these quieter moments of such a busy day.
Leading them through portraits I found out they were high school sweethearts, and I actually put my camera down and let out an “awwww” while he pushed her on the swing. There was nothing cliche or cheesy about their love like you would think from Hollywood movies trying to depict a high school romance that lasted… These two were completely head over heels, and immensely considerate for each other. Once I was done with their session Abby went back in to enjoy the air conditioning and I was able to witness a special time as her mom pulled her aside with all the girls (her “other” daughters) for a prayer of thankfulness over the young bride. Things were ready to go. The ceremony started and I knew I might get emotional when the musician started singing for the guests. Then there was a moment during their communion together, I watched Kyle take Abby’s hands and pray for her. He had to take a breath as tears came to his eyes while praying over his new bride. It was something I had never seen and as a wedding photographer I truly wanted to cherish. He composed quickly and they shared the rest of their time together in communion as the music played. Abby’s brother had the honor of being the minister officiating their wedding and it was so nice to hear him make everything personal for their big day. Once they were pronounced man and wife, I was again overwhelmed at the sound of excitement as every one of their guests cheered and seemed to jump off their seats to congratulate them! Every wedding I shoot has a moment of cheer and joy when they are presented, but this crowd seemed to have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Like a storybook that finally ends with true love. This crowd also knew how to party! And they also partied in a way that made me immensely proud. When the second shooter and videographer are eating with you and say “I have never seen a nicer crowd… really I haven’t heard any negative words today and no one has been rude to us at all” and “I’ve never seen the dance floor this packed… and they are only drinking Dr. Pepper!” you know it’s a great day.  Mind you this crowd also had their pick of more cakes and sweets than I have seen in a while! The mild sugar rush led to even more dancing with glowstick necklaces added in the mix. I have no problem mentioning here that I have never been more proud to say that I am a part of this group. Not just because Abby and Kyle and their families made me feel welcome immediately, but they made it clear that they were a group that loved God and weren’t afraid to show that love to anyone.

12 thoughts on “Abby & Kyle | Highschool Sweethearts

  1. You did SUCH a gorgeous job with the formal wedding portraits! I love the way the sunset glows on this sweet couple. Beautiful Austin wedding photos, I’m sure these are all pictures that the couple will treasure forever!

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  2. Amy, all I can say here is Wow. These photos are stunning. I adore the way you approached the forrest shots. SO cool and so creative.
    And the sunset shots? Terrific.
    This is a great selection of photos for a portfolio, let alone from one wedding. Great job!

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  3. as a storyteller you are spot on. I feel like I just watched a video of this Austin wedding. The images by the big tree of the couple are my favorite! and the bridesmaids all in denim is superb. You really captured this wedding perfectly. Good job

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