Madison & Jared | A Little Magic

So many details went into creating a beautiful theme for this wedding. I arrived at Angel Springs Event Center and was immediately inspired by the venue alone. There were so many areas for photos! I knew everything would fit perfectly into their Lord of the Rings theme. If you haven’t had the chance to watch any of the movies (or even if you have), start playing a little of this music to get into the mood! The groom had bought the Evenstar necklace for his bride and it was the perfect compliment to her stunning bridal gown. I am so happy to be able to capture moments that the bride and groom aren’t there for- like the bride had made such a personal album for her hubby to be and I was able to shoot his reactions of seeing it for the first time. And then the first look! These two were so excited to see each other and it showed. I took them around the gorgeous Texas wedding venue and had a blast doing their wedding portraits. They fit together so well. We brought out the wedding party to join us for a bunch of fun pics before having to start the real deal! And the ceremony did not disappoint. From elvish music to an introduction that managed to intertwine the story of the Bible with J.R. R. Tolkien, I was loving every minute. They exchanged their rings (insert Fellowship of the Ring pun here) and said their vows, and most amazingly- there was an incredible replica of Gandalf’s staff hiding for the end of the ceremony, when the officiant prayed over them and then ended with “You shall not pass!” It was just awesome. Just in case you thought the epicness was over… they left to Tarzan theme music and at the end of the aisle the groom turned around, beat his chest and picked up his bride to run out of the room! Ah… I love my job. The rest of the night was full of magic. The speeches were sweet, the song that was chosen for the father-daughter dance made me tear up, and the little ones playing around this wedding were way too adorable! The cakes they had to choose from were so on point for the theme. They were both created by the amazing Chef Vanessa. The brides cake had such tiny detail of elvish script, it was hard to believe it was all made by one person. The grooms cake was the death star! The dance floor was full the entire night- the groom was thrown into the air for the second time (which I always encourage) and the girls tore up the floor during some of the iconic 90’s hits. By the time the end came, the crowd was still lively for the sparkler exit.. and of course I needed to steal a few sparklers for my own magic. These two were troopers hanging out in the pitch black field while I ran around them with sparks flying. It was such a fitting way to end such a magical day!

8 thoughts on “Madison & Jared | A Little Magic

  1. Um, a Lord of the Rings themed wedding? I can’t even focus on all the photography stuff I normally see when looking at wedding photos, I’m very sorry about that. Back to what matters right now, A LORD OF THE RINGS THEMED WEDDING?! I am dead.

    Upon re-looking at your images, they are stunning. Of course. I love the lighting and angles.

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    • Come back to life! Lol. Thank you so much, Parker. And I was ecstatic myself over the LOTR theme ❤ I appreciate the wedding photography feedback as well, of course! The lighting was so perfect on their wedding day- I couldn't have asked for more!


  2. Amy your storytelling ability is amazing. This lord of the rings theme is awesome you can tell that this couple was a lot of fun with all that they incorporated. Your light in the images is amazing and the golden hour and night pictures are my favorite. and who doesn’t love a fun sparkler picture. stunning job as always I’m sure the bride and groom love these

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    • Thank you Kelly! I appreciate that. Besides wedding photography I do love to write! I am so happy they had such a beautiful day for their Austin wedding. Gabriel Springs Event Center is somewhere I’d love to shoot again ❤


  3. This wedding looks so much fun! You did a spectacular job capturing this couple’s love for one another. Some of their expressions and their body languages looks great! The light painting shots look like they were a ton of fun too!


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