Melissa & Chris | Vintage City Charm

I entered the room to excitement and welcome. There was the bride, enjoying a drink and laughing with her makeup artist. I said I would start with the  details and they were all so gorgeous! Adoring everything about the pink pops of color, I found her wedding dress and swooned. You should all know by now that I am a sucker for anything out of the ordinary. I head over to where the groom was getting ready and snapped a few photos while realizing that these two just wanted to see each other! They were both ready for the first look and I couldn’t wait. The rooms of Hotel Ella are filled with a quaint charm that just begged for a little extra romance. The girls wanted to watch them see each other, so I cracked the door (who could say no to those faces?) and oh my goodness I’m glad I did! Melissa and Chris were wrapped up in each other and with three of their five kids looking on it just melted my heart to see the image. I took them around the full wrap around porch and barely had to guide them along. They had no problem staying close and you could feel their happiness for each other. With five kids I did not expect to get a family photo so quickly- but these kids were so sweet and so much fun! Which in turn equalled the most adorable little family portrait ever. We got family photos done so they could enjoy the rest of the day- and I think this should now be a must! The ceremony was about to begin, and beautiful guitar music filled the veranda. Emotions ran high, which is of course a photographer’s dream, and I joined the crowd once Melissa’s daughter starting reading a poem she had written them about their love. You know the bride and groom are ready to say they do when they don’t wait to be told to kiss! They were now man and wife and the party started! I was overwhelmingly please with every aspect of the floral decor. Flowers were a very important part of the day for the bride, and Posey Floral was on point from the flowers on the cake, bouquet and arch to the beautiful flower crowns in the hair. They had a “love” sign up that made for fun photos with the guests and kids. I truly had a wonderful time mingling with the guests before the newly weds came back to join the party! They enjoyed their first dance then welcomed their children in for the second half of the song. Such a beautiful joining of two families. The band was energetic and extremely talented at keeping the guests happy and dancing through the night. Speeches were touching, and then hysterical once the kids got the mic. And the food! Goodall’s knows good food. I had way too much fun enjoying the lighting around the dance floor and then took a walk outside to photograph Hotel Ella to get a night shot with the electric colors of the top floor and changing colors of the pool. I actually loved that they chose this venue, it that was part of the beginning of their relationship- and they even made sure to have the same bar tender they had during their stay! The kids loved getting to take advantage of the exit of rose petals and pedicab… and I took advantage of the adorable gifts of s’mores boxes! I had such a great time with Melissa and Chris- and can even say I loved working with every vendor at this venue! What a treat for my weekend.
Wedding Venue- Hotel Ella
Wedding Florist- Posey Floral
Wedding Caterer- Goodall’s Kitchen
Wedding Coordinator- Pearl Events Austin 

10 thoughts on “Melissa & Chris | Vintage City Charm

  1. As always, there is so much love, emotion, and action in your wedding photography! I love this venue, Hotel Ella is so beautiful and quaint, and I love all the color in the bride’s bouquet and dress!

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    • Thank you Lori! Austin is full of unique weddings, so being a wedding photographer has never been boring! I loved this wedding and the families were just so sweet. The flowers by Posey Floral were on point, for sure!


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