Jennifer & Ryan | Beautiful Barr Mansion Wedding

There are times that I can’t believe I haven’t blogged a specific wedding yet. This is one of those times! I can get caught up with shooting weddings every weekend and before I know it Fall is already here and I haven’t even had time to acknowledge Spring! This wedding was full of everything a wedding photographer could want. A loving couple, a lot of laughter and all at one of the loveliest wedding venues in Austin: Barr Mansion. I was looking forward to redeeming myself after having food poisoning while shooting their engagement session and I could not have been happier that I was perfectly healthy for their wedding day! I started off the morning with the wedding party at the hotel and got to see their adorable Labradoodle Finn again, how cute is he?!

Everyone was in a great mood and we were all ready to get these two married. They were able to exchange gifts without seeing each other and I laughed at how this bride decided to give her gift to her soon to be hubby. She knew how much he did not like Home Goods, and how much he wanted a gaming console. So I got to watch as he opened up a gift card to Home Goods, thinking it was his wedding day gift… and he took it like a champ. Of course when he saw the photo of his real present (the console he wanted!) you could definitely tell the difference in excitement. We headed off to Barr Mansion and I was like a kid in a candy shop. I loved every little nook and cranny of this Austin wedding venue and had such a beautiful bridal party to photograph. It was time for the first look between Jennifer and Ryan, and I knew it would be perfect. The way these two talked about each other, even a cynic could start believing in soul mates. It seemed easy. Not that life is easy, but I truly believe these two aim to make life easier for one another.

Between the mansion in all it’s charm, me hanging off the balcony for a shot and a venue dog running around, bringing them around their wedding venue for portraits was just too much fun. The ceremony brought every guest a little closer to knowing this bride and groom and their story of finding each other. Crazy Texas weather was threatening to take away their outdoor wedding and held off through their entire ceremony. They celebrated together inside the mansion while guests enjoyed cocktail hour through the gardens under the twinkle lights with live music floating around the property. Sound magical? Well it was just as lovely in real life. Listening to the speeches, watching the dances and talking with the guests made me sure that these two have something strong. Everyone was so fun to be around.

The Austin wedding band (Royal Dukes Band) kept the guests entertained and floor packed. I was so impressed with them and even the cardboard cutout of Finn was dancing all night! Yes, since their pup wasn’t there with us at the venue they made sure he was there in spirit! The cake topper was absolutely perfect and the life size Finn board was making for an amazing prop. Stealing these two out for a night shot was an easy choice with all of the twinkle lights and my Magmod gear. I am still in love with their portraits and have kept them as a cover photo on my Facebook business page for months. I was pretty excited to be “forced” to take home a few of their personalized wedding favors of individual coffee packets. Okay, I took about seven. But the Lola Texas Pecan was  just as good as it sounded and I have no regrets 😉 With the gorgeous ballroom as a backdrop, the guests lit their sparklers and gave Jennifer and Ryan a beautiful sendoff into married life.

I can say I have kept up with these two over the last months thanks to Facebook and Instagram and absolutely love seeing their love staying strong. It’s one of those weddings that will stay with me as a wonderful reminder that there is a whole lot of good in this crazy world.

Wedding Prep: Hilton Austin

Houston Bridal gowns: Brickhouse Bridal 

Austin Wedding Venue: Barr Mansion

Austin Wedding Band: Royal Dukes Band

Austin Wedding Florist: Bouquets of Austin

Wedding Favors: Lola Savannah Coffee Company

Austin Wedding Photographer (me!): @PhotographerAmy  and Elizabeth Birdsong Photography

8 thoughts on “Jennifer & Ryan | Beautiful Barr Mansion Wedding

  1. A Labradoodle AND free coffee!?!? Now that’s a party! What really strikes me though is the backlit night shot on the green grass. It’s this sudden calm in the middle of what looks like a rocking party. Jennifer and Ryan are lucky to have had you as their photographer.


  2. Any luck bride or groom getting married would be so lucky to be wed at the Barr Mansion in Austin and to have Elizabeth Birdsong Photography as their wedding photographer! This Austin wedding venue is so gorgeous and these two really rocked their photos. You can tell they are having a blast dancing at their reception and just overjoyed being with each other. Fabulous job photographing their wedding day I know they mustn’t be so happy with their photos,


  3. I am so jealous of your wedding photography. Seriously, it’s always so clean, crisp, and beautiful. Your colors, exposures, and lighting are always spot on! Specifically with this blog post I love how you captured Barr Mansion in all its beauty, and how happy and gorgeous the bride and groom are!


  4. Good lord, Elizabeth Birdsong Photography did a stunning job on this lovely rustic wedding from Barr Mansion. Your Austin wedding photography is some of my favorite wedding photography out there. Classic poses, fun candids, killer night portraits, just everything. And those wide angle bridal portraits are absolutely stunning. Beautiful work as always!


  5. What a beautiful wedding at Barr Mansion in Austin. Elizabeth Birdsong Photography captured all their love, romance, and fun so perfectly. I love the bridal portraits and the first look. Awesome Austin Wedding Photography!


  6. Can I just say I’m in awe of these wedding photographs at the beautiful Barr Mansion in Austin, Texas!! Everything about these photos was so perfectly captured from the gorgeous venue, the beautiful bride, the reception, and all the beautiful details! Love!!


  7. AHHH that preview image! What a stunning entrance!!! Barr Mansion looks like a bucket list venue for sure! There were sooo many places for gorgeous portraits and you made such amazing captures of the couple and their bridal party. I’m so in love with the shot of Jennifer and Ryan in front of that art nouveau-inspired door!


  8. That first image is stunning!! The Barr Mansion is a beautiful venue! I am in love with there puppy cake topper too. Beautiful work!


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