Courtney & Mike | Rooftop Wedding in Houston

I get a lot of blank stares when I say I am a Texan who has never been to Houston. Thanks to this stunning Houston wedding I now have the smallest understanding as to why! I am also pretty sure I was completely spoiled in my first visit thanks to this bride, groom and all their friends and family who took me in.

If you have not had the chance to look around at their downtown Austin engagement session (that also included the Salt Lick vineyards) take a minute to do that before you start their wedding.

I was able to spend the weekend with this crew and let me tell you, it was wonderful.

Houston weddings are all lovely, I’m sure. Having a harvest moon, perfectly cool Fall weather and a crystal clear downtown view while the sunsets?? I couldn’t ask for more from a wedding venue.¬†The day started at their Houston home while the girls prepped before getting in the party bus before heading to St. Luke’s Methodist. We probably had a little too much fun getting ready at the church, but that is not a bad way to start the day! I stopped by where the guys were and I’m happy to report they were being just as ridiculous as us girls.

The ceremony was just as heart warming as I was expecting. It is very few and far between that you actually have a groom that will show the emotion he is feeling. Some grooms are happy to see their brides but just hide it all inside. When you see a beaming smile paired with tears?? That’s gold. There is just something that grabs at your heart when you see, actually see, emotion. They vowed to love each other forever and I believe they will. There was a rush of excitement when they were pronounced man and wife that was contagious! We enjoyed St. Luke’s for a short set of photos before heading off to 1111 Studewood Place.

That is where I fell in love with a venue.

There are so many styles to venues, and if you happen to be following along and saw the views from the New York wedding I just shot, you know how much I love a downtown city view from a wedding venue. Houston is stunning to see at dusk, and only gets better as the sun completely fades out of view. Throw in the twinkle lights on the open rooftop where guests could go in and out from dancing and grabbing a drink to the outdoors to the buffet. This buffet of course had a mac and cheese station, panini station, meat carving and so much more! I definitely dove in as soon as a moment provided and it was delicious!

During the entire wedding day, guests were able to email photos to a specific email and they started popping up during the dancing which was such a unique touch! Everyone was getting a kick out of the groom’s cake as they walked past the corner of the room… The bride and groom were becoming Mr. & Mrs. Peel, so the groom’s cake was fittingly a banana that was partially peeled. The music, dancing and moonlight kept everyone in the best mood for the night. Between the speeches making all the guests laugh out loud and the bride’s grandparents stealing the show for the anniversary dance, I couldn’t help but smile watching it all play out. Once it was time for their exit everyone got their streamers to give the newlyweds a sweet (and safe! yay!) sendoff.

Throughout the night I got to know more family and friends so much that I actually went out after everything was done and packed away! I can’t wait to shoot in Houston again, so if you are planning a wedding soon just send me an email. Congrats again to Courtney and Mike!


Houston Wedding Ceremony Venue: St. Luke’s Methodist Church

Houston Wedding Reception Venue: 1111 Studewood Place

Houston Wedding Photography: Elizabeth Birdsong Photography 

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12 thoughts on “Courtney & Mike | Rooftop Wedding in Houston

  1. I actually got hungry seeing the photos of the food and that banana cake is hilarious! This looks like such a fun bunch at this Houston wedding. I especially like the outside nighttime photos where you can see downtown Houston in the background. Lovely


  2. This Houston wedding is absolutely gorgeous! I love how clean and classic your wedding photography style is. The lighting is absolutely stunning in every image. You captured a really beautiful love story here!


  3. This rooftop wedding in Houston is stunning. Its amazing the way you can light up the night with your photography. You captured their wedding day perfectly.


  4. Never been to Houston until now?! What a way to celebrate! My eye is immediately drawn to those awesome reception shots, looks like an amazing party! Love that last elevator shot, too cool!!


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