Lori & Paul | Black, White & Raw Takes Over Philly

It’s no secret that I love my job.
What I love even more is finding other creative minds that love it as much as I do, and do it with just as much passion and realness.
Meet Lori & Paul. Not only do they run Black, White & Raw Photography– they are leaders in wedding photography in Philly. I have been following their work for a while and could not pass on the opportunity to get them in front of the lens for once. I have absolutely loved watching how they use their city and their clients to create something exciting.
They push boundaries and dominate while doing it.
Just look at their Broad Street collection. One area shot with a fresh eye each time. They do what it takes to get outstanding images for anyone who steps in front of their cameras. I wanted to provide images for these two that represent their strength in the business and connection to their artwork and each other. Not many couples could ever stand working together for any length of time, let alone do it so well.
We spent the evening combining our crazy minds and it was completely refreshing. Since Philadelphia means Brotherly Love, I admit that I had high hopes for the city. Between all the historic landmarks, visiting through the Reading Terminal Market, ice skating downtown in the middle of their enchanting Christmas village, it didn’t take long for me to fall right into love! It only accelerated when Lori and Paul took me to one of their favorite hidden locations. I just stood back and took in the Philly skyline for a minute. I’m a sucker for a great view. Then turning around to get an eye full of the grit that is the the graffiti art scene made for an inspiring combination.
That is one more bonus to being around Black White & RawYou just trust. Go with the locations they suggest. Know that the result is going to be a rawness that can define you through a photograph.
We ended our session in the freezing cold wind tunnel of Broad Street (okay, I say freezing because I have only lived in South Florida and Texas.. but it WAS cold!) and they knew just where to park and make things happen. They also made sure to have their Magnet Mod gear with them so I could pack a little lighter on the plane. Lord knows I am not doing a session without my Magmod gear!
Photographers should look up to this company. That’s how we all grow. Find inspiration from others in your industry and don’t be too proud to admit it!
I can’t wait to get back up to Philly. Next time I need to carve out time to just have a drink with these two. Oh, and I managed to completely forget to try a Philly cheesesteak.. so I guess I’m bound to go back again!

8 thoughts on “Lori & Paul | Black, White & Raw Takes Over Philly

  1. Amy I love how you capture Lori and Paul both with and without their equipment. They were in their element as black white and raw photography and then you take them out if their element as a beautiful couple getting pictures taking by the talented birdsong photography. It’s great getting to see awesome creatives meeting up and taking awesome pictures!


  2. I can’t say enough what a pleasure it was to work with Amy of Elizabeth Birdsong Photography! She is not only an extraordinary Austin wedding photographer, she is a brilliant travel wedding photographer. Amy has a special talent for traveling to places she’s never been and capture it’s essence. Being photographed by Amy is like spending time with a friend. She’s fun, hard working and incredibly talented. I love her.


  3. I love love this session you photographed of two of my favorite photographers! You captured them together and separately perfectly! You can really feel the emotion between them. I cannot get enough of this Philadelphia portrait session!!


    • I was not very familiar either, I took up this topic, so that I could learn more on this…. But still I think we need to explore on such concepts. I am sure even the Chinese have extensive philosophies of their own. I would like to understand them too… Let us hope we will be able to identify some of them – thanks to the internet!! Destination Infinity


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