Loren & Bobby | Singer Island Magic

Oh, it’s been a long time coming. Who is ready to see a dreamy beach wedding? The beach views didn’t stop at the reception… Come with me. There are gold dipped roses, a letter from LaCroix, champagne wall, cutest guest “book”, and so much more. Let’s…

Suzi & Nick | Loch Raven Engagement | Maryland

Love an adventure that starts with a friendship? This love story starts with MY friendship with the bride to be… enjoy our California wine trips all the way to her engagement in Maryland with her love!

Abbie & Esteban | Walt Disney World and All It’s Magic

Happiest Place on earth, for sure. Might be the only place that I have shot for longer than I did for a NYC session. Click to find out why!

Lori & Paul | Black, White & Raw Takes Over Philly

This photography team is dominating the wedding industry in Philly.. hang out with them and you’ll see why.

Matt & Ivy | Love & the New York Skyline

You won’t want to miss these incredible views of the New York City Skyline!

How to Choose (then deal with!) your Bridesmaids

When push comes to shove, don’t pick the wrong squad.

20 Reasons to have a Wedding EVERY Year.

The Today Show revealed how wedding vendors are simply money hungry extortionists.

Amber & Gary | True Love (& a Canoe!)

Read about how to get that dreamy wedding, and how to make your photographer happy!

Rising Above an iPhone Photo

In the generation of “INSTA”. How can a wedding photographer beat the iPhone photo?!?