Alicia & Jacob | A San Antonio Love Story

As we go through life, there are a few choice people you encounter that just make you want to go the extra mile to make them happy… (And that’s being generous for me).

Alicia and Jacob treat everyone like that.
Just try to get in their way and you’ll be greeted with a smile, a compliment and you won’t walk away without wanting to give them a hug. Who else could pack a beautiful church AND a huge San Antonio Pearl district wedding venue on a Tuesday??
These two spend their day to day lives making the difference that most people only talk about. I have never seen so many guests running across the church to greet each other like they did for this wedding, so I had to ask.
“Does EVERYONE in here know each other?”
“Well they are extremely involved in the community, so… basically!”
Looking around and seeing so many genuine smiles gave me chills. 
That also could have been from the choir singing Christmas songs as the church filled up. The air was just chilled enough to encourage the holiday spirit along with the perfectly ornamented Christmas tree towering over the first pew.
When the entire group of guests joined in to sing during the ceremony it made me realize how much music impacts me. My job honestly moves me. People wonder how I can still see so much good in the world- and it’s moments this.
Taking communion is part of many weddings and can sometimes become a little ceremonial. I have never seen a bride and groom serve their own guests and I am quite sure I won’t see it again for a long time. But it was beautiful. It was a sweet and meaningful way to spend time with the people that are closest to them.
As we left the ceremony and the choir had sang their last note, we were able to steal a night shot outside the gorgeous church before heading over to the Pearl Stable. And this San Antonio reception venue is the farthest thing from a stable!
Austin Party Band basically took it from there. I mean, y’all. It was a Tuesday night! I really thought it would be a killer wedding but with the small, intimate feel of a week day wedding.
Nope. They tore up the dance floor more than my usual Saturday night crowds! ((Don’t believe me? Scroll down.))
A live band can be so much fun- but Austin Party Band kicks it up a notch and actually went into the crowd and enjoyed the perfect chaos of it all. There was even a back flip. That is one. good. night.
You might catch the random selfie I snuck in there with Grumpy… I’m just reminding them that I tried to adopt him as my Grampa. Just sayin.
By the end of the night the groom took the stage with the Man of Honor, the dads and brothers to perform “My Girl” and it was so much fun! I knew that the bride and groom were going to sing together as well, and typically I would be nervous for that to be a good idea. These two nailed it.
And by nailed it, I mean most of us were teary eyed and swaying back and forth to the love song.
They left the night through a tunnel of lights and left the Pearl District with a crowd waving them off. All in all this was a perfect way to spend my week of Christmas!!
Congrats again to Alicia & Jacob! 

8 thoughts on “Alicia & Jacob | A San Antonio Love Story

  1. Wow!! Amy really captured a beautiful San Antonio wedding with so many special moments that I wish I were invited!!
    Another beautiful ceremony and reception captured by one great photographer!


  2. Wow Amy. What a moving tribute to a clearly impactful couple. I could tell by reading your blog that you had a blast shooting this San Antonio wedding and looking through the photos, it’s easy to see why: This could is radiant.
    It really seems like they had an amazing day and you did and awesome job capturing it.
    Wonderful work!


  3. Stunning photography Amy!! Your photographs captured this San Antonio affair perfectly. From the getting ready photographs to the reception you did an amazing job! Beautiful!!


  4. This definitely does not seem like a weekday wedding! What a loveless San Antonio wedding at Pearl Stable. It flooded like a totally blast and a great way to finish up your 2016. My favorite photo is the close up of the bride and groom with the orange trees behind them.


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