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Instagram has caused some strong feelings across the lines of generations. Confusion from people like my Dad asking why anyone would be taking photos of their food while standing on a chair, to the general anger of the people against “all those hashtags” and of course the trending argument of whether millennials should really be chasing the dream of living a life based solely off the squares of their insta-famous lives.

Regardless of where you stand on the topic, Instagram is a necessary evil for the photo business and in this case- those hashtags and check-ins connected me to the best people that would have otherwise not found me!

I had already shot a wedding at Moon River Ranch and of course couldn’t resist posting a few favorite wedding party portraits to my Instagram that week. Thankfully Carter & Richard were checking out central Texas wedding venues and did thorough research while they stopped by the Ranch.

Once we talked via Skype for our meeting it clicked. Then by their wedding day I saw everything we were so excited about come to life!

From the moment I saw their emblem of the wedding with the monogram “G” blended into the outline of Texas I knew things were going to be incredible. There were American flag bean bags for the corn hole, American flag socks for the wedding party and even Texas flag bearing cookies for guests to take home.

The venue could not have been more set up for their back home country wedding. The cabin at Moon River is large enough to hold family and the entire wedding party. It’s so convenient (and a great work out) to be able to jet up and down the stairs between the guys and gals.

Even sweeter? Having a little white chapel for a first look. They took a moment together to take it all in before the commotion that comes with a wedding. They laughed, cried, hugged and you could tell there was excitement in the air.

Authentically American is the best way I can describe the ambience. They had an 1800’s wagon (Wishbone Wagon) that would later serve brisket, sausage and some of the best apps and desserts I have had in a while! *(And if you haven’t been following my blogs.. yes, I eat everything I can at weddings I photograph.)

There are things I warn every couple about as we talk before their big day. I love using my experience to prepare couples for how much can happen in one day! How they handle things is completely up to them. Carter & Rich handled every moment of their wedding so beautifully it relaxed everyone around them! Even when the ring bearer (look. at. his. curls.) decided to take a detour from the aisle. The groom lovingly swept him up in his arms and carried him the rest of the way. (cue the “awwws“!)  You could also see how much the bride was adored not only by her groom, but by her ladies who came together at the reception to surprise her with a line dance.

Between this hysterical wedding party and working as a team with videographer Nicco Renna to capture the day.. I think I had a little too much fun! The mannequin challenge (google it if you haven’t seen what this is) was taken to a whole new level when we actually accomplished it DURING their reception.

Yes. That means a couple drinks in, all the guests managed to stay completely still until told they could move. I was more than impressed. 

Being around this couple from their engagement on was nothing short of a blessing. Getting to shoot sunset and nighttime portraits of them both during their engagement session and their wedding felt as lucky as them finding me through an instagram tag.

And only at such an American wedding would the guests start chanting “U.S.A!” and belting out traditional American songs as the bride and groom exit through sparklers.

That is how you end a wedding! *(okay, and then some extra night shots that we laughed our way through in the pitch black…)

CONGRATS again, Carter & Richard!

Can’t get enough? Watch their wedding video, too!

9 thoughts on “Carter & Richard | Texas Forever

  1. What a stunning Texas wedding captured by Elizabeth Birdsong Photography. I absolutely love Moon River Ranch and it’s vibrant feel. The first look in front of the red door is perfect! I love the sun drenched wide ceremony image 🙂

    Gorgeous texas wedding photography that the couple will have to cherish forever!


  2. What a perfect rustic wedding by Amy of Elizabeth Birdsong Photography! I love the bright colors of this Moon River Ranch wedding. The feeling is warm, romantic and absolutely joyous. And can we talk about those sunset bride and groom portraits? I always adore your night portraits, but those romantic sunset shots are really special. Beautiful work as always from this texas destination wedding photographer!


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