Michelle & Saul | Canyonwood Ridge Romance

Canyonwood Ridge is a site to behold.

You walk up to the grand entrance right from the parking lot *(which is actually right by the venue, unlike many hill country wedding venues!) and see huge doors that lead you into your getaway for the day.

You turn right and you can head into the chapel, which somehow seems enormous and intimate all at the same time.

The windows allow so much gorgeous natural light to flood in- which as a photographer is just a dream for a ceremony.


Sun with no squinting!

You’ve seen the dark and dungeon like venue lighting when you’ve been to weddings before, right?

The ones you know feel like you need to turn on your cell phone flash to catch people walking down the aisle? *(ugh. See how I feel about that here.)

It’s true.

Some wedding venues go with a permanent evening feel. That feeling is basically nice and romantic only if you are actually having an evening wedding.


When you want a daytime wedding with the benefits of the beautiful sunlight hitting during your ceremony and you also want the benefits of air conditioning, you need to research and choose a venue that has huge windows like Canyonwood Ridge.

It makes you feel like you are still a part of nature without having your Texas wedding guests melting!


If you haven’t seen Michelle & Saul’s engagement, you need to do that now.. I’ll give you a minute.


—> Michelle & Saul being adorable in a canoe.   *(Not the name of the actual blog, but you get the idea!)


They really knocked it out of the park for that, right?? Zilker Park, to be exact.

Their love for each other is apparent as soon as you hear them talking to each other. And y’all know how much I love a couple that is sweet to each other!


Now- by the time we got down the aisle for go time- I didn’t even realize what was about to happen.

We already had a first look between the bride and her father that was a tear jerker seeing a father get a reveal of his baby girl.

Then during the very start of the ceremony Michelle had both of her parents standing with her at the end of the aisle, which was sweet enough, right?

The bride and groom to be had also kept it traditional- and Saul had not seen Michelle in her gown yet, so waterworks were starting all over the place.

Then a close friend came up to take the microphone.

Tim McGraw’s My Little Girl started playing *(if you haven’t heard it, click on it and let it play… see if you don’t cry!) and I knew I wouldn’t keep it together.

I’m so happy I wasn’t the only one crying, though.

Their friend planned to sing to her before her dad gave her away… but here’s the kicker:

It was a complete surprise to the bride.


Sometimes it’s hard to keep my camera going and this is why.

How am I supposed to be able to shoot if my mascara is starting to sting my eyes from all the watering?!

Please note that the bride is getting her tears wiped away… it really was exactly as sweet as it looks.


So with the light pouring through the nearly floor to ceiling windows, they said their vows and promised to love each other forever.

You not only believed them, you wanted to cheer the moment they kissed.

Everyone was so excited to capture the newlyweds you could almost not see them make their way down the aisle!

The sea of guests finally parted and the entire wedding party celebrated with the bride and groom before getting announced into the reception hall.


Getting the views of the hill country from the back half of this venue?


Getting to browse an entire dessert bar when you get back inside the reception hall?


Ha. Did you think  I was going to say perfection? There were no less than one MILLION cakes on the wall opposite of their photo booth!


At this point, if you’re not following my crazy Instagram ( @PhotographerAmy) then you might not know why it’s insanely hard to be surrounded by such great treats every week. Go follow and enjoy the rants about continuous sugary temptations, hard workouts and avoiding getting hangry.

*(yes, I’m telling you to go catch up on my life and diaries.)

This dessert bar even had those little strawberries dressed up in chocolate tuxedos.

Literally fancy fruit. Of all things- I felt like that shouldn’t count as calories, right?


So even though I denied myself the desserts, I definitely ate their delicious wedding meal- so don’t feel too bad!

I even got to hide out in the bridal suite to inhale everything on my plate.


You guys- this bridal suite is perfect for prep (and eating food in a very un-ladylike manner, as some people do). Huge windows for light, but completely reflective. No need to pull down shades if you see people outside. They can’t see through at all.

Basically I got to stretch, eat, and hardly use a napkin all in one fantastic room!


When the sun started dropping behind the trees I knew I wanted to steal them from their reception and take them back out.  I also knew I wanted to take advantage of Michelle’s veil.

This veil was so incredible. Long and created exactly what I wanted for dramatic portraits! (*as if there are any other kind with me, right?)

I hope you are loving the highlights from this one as much as I do… their veil portrait was even featured on Austin Wedding Day’s Inspirations!

Can’t wait to see another wedding at Canyonwood Ridge, either.

Until next time!




Austin Wedding Venue: Canyonwood Ridge

Bridal Gown/Bridesmaids Dresses: Morilee

Groom’s tuxedo: Perry Ellis








5 thoughts on “Michelle & Saul | Canyonwood Ridge Romance

  1. Amazing wedding photography my Austin Wedding photography Amy at Canyonwood Ridge. Such a gorgeous, light and airy venue in Austin. I love the emotion that comes through in the wedding photos of such a beautiful day captured by Amy.


  2. I hate to call you an Austin wedding photographer, because you’re so much more, and I know you travel to fabulous locations all the time for weddings, but your Austin wedding photography is really special. You have a talent for photographing rustic texas weddings elegant and fun at the same time. Beautiful work.


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