Shannon | Enaura Bridal Portraits in Downtown Austin

When I met this gorgeous bride, I was telling her how much I loved her dress. She was celebrating at my bride Courtney’s rooftop wedding in Houston– *(yes, you can go look at that wedding!)


It was only fitting that she would have a stunning wedding dress.


She said yes to her Enaura gown at Brickhouse Bridal, a bridal boutique in The Woodlands, just outside of Houston.


Getting city views was a must to show off all of this glamour.

You guys know how much I love my city and showing off Austin’s skyline.


The fact that I got to do night shots with a wedding gown and long gorgeous veil?

Can I finally use #blessed?

My word.

Enaura was even kind enough to feature this Texas bride on their page more than once! 

(Check that out by clicking this!)

I really did almost lose this bride though. (what?)


I tell you I’m clumsy and a few people still don’t believe me.

I know what shot I want and I just keep moving around and moving various pieces till it happens.

Typically a good thing in a wedding photographer.


This veil was so durable and the wind was so strong I was positive it was going to lift Shannon right off the top of Butler park like a hang glider!

Now that is definitely an idea for bridal portraits… right?

Maybe not?

Thankfully we made it over to the Long Center, I got out my MagMod gear and we just went for it.

Thanks to her sister being willing to use some Atmosphere fog, we added just a bit more drama to the end of the photo session.

These are only a few from her session, I hope you guys enjoy!

Bridal Gown designer: Enaura Bridal

Bridal Boutique: Brickhouse Bridal

Location: Butler Park & Long Center

Gear: Magnet Mod & Atmosphere Aerosol

5 thoughts on “Shannon | Enaura Bridal Portraits in Downtown Austin

  1. What Amazing Downtown Austin Bridal Portraits, featuring a Enaura Bridal gown. The bride is totally stunning in that dress and what an amazing photo session by Elizabeth Birdsong! Stunning!


  2. Oh my! Your creativity and use of light is unreal. These Downtown Austin Bridal Portraits are absolutely breathtaking. I love how you have bridal portraits taken at night. What a great idea! Gorgeous photography!


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