Melonie & Luke | Stonehouse Villa Wedding in a Hurricane

Its like RAAAAAAIIINNNNNNN on your wedding dayyyyyy….. *(hopefully you’re at least somewhat familiar with the Alanis Morissette music by now since I love shooting rainy weddings.. but there’s a link for that music video just in case)


Well this wedding bumped things up a notch to it’s a HURRRRRIICAAAAAANNNEEEEE ON YOUR WEDDING DAYYYYY….

and I loved it. 

I know Hurricane Harvey caused horrible devastation around so much East Texas- but I’m going to try to set that aside for this blog, since we were in Driftwood, Texas getting hurricane force winds and rain and the loving friends and family of this couple still showed up to celebrate.

The ladies and gents both got ready at Stonehouse Villa and I’m so thankful everything was in one spot considering the grounds were already thoroughly soaked from the lovely storm that was rolling through.

This bride and groom had taken so much time and effort into making everyone else feel special on their wedding day. The gifts were so thoughtful and they were ALL personalized to each individual- even for me! I love shooting wedding party gifts, but to get a wine glass with “A” on it- along with many other personalized gifts made me so excited and proud to be a part of this day.

Everything looked beautiful for their wedding, and even better when there are tears during the vows!

*(no, that stuff never gets old for me)

It was so sweet to get a photo for the groom’s mom with all her kids… which- by the way- I had no idea how many siblings Luke had, lol- I kept saying “only the kids, no spouses”… to which they thankfully laughed and said they were all (ten, I think?) in the right spot.

Partying continued like there was no storm in sight and I’m thankful.. these two deserved to be celebrated and you could tell that everyone was happy to support them.

We snuck out with all the dancing still going on and went outside. I made sure to let them know we didn’t have to do a night portrait- considering the weather- and when they marched right outside with me I knew it would be good.

The winds picked up the dress, the rain lit up around them and we just let the magic happen.

DJ Hexum still had the guests dancing when we got back in, and they danced the night away until their sparkler exit.

Had such a fun time shooting their wedding- I even used the wine glass they gave me tonight!




Venue: Stonehouse Villa

DJ: Infinity Sound Lab




3 thoughts on “Melonie & Luke | Stonehouse Villa Wedding in a Hurricane

  1. I love your Austin wedding photography! Stonehouse Villa is SO lovely, and your wedding photography even during hurricane Harvey is flawless. I always love your night portraits, but this one really has everything, from candid photojournalism, fun receptions shots and beautiful details and portraits. This is a beautiful one from Elizabeth Birdsong Photography. Love it!


  2. So much fun and energy captured here in this young Austin couple’s wedding at Stonehouse Villa. Hurricane Harvey winds made for some dramatic evening wedding portraits expertly captured by Photographer Amy Elizabeth. Love your work as always!


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