Caitlin & Kegan |Golden Hour & Golden Pup at King River Ranch

Hey guys-

You’ve gotten to know me a little by now, right?

Well then I’m sure you’ll believe that I had a wonderful display of my expired tag when I showed up to shoot this couples engagement session.

I also pulled into King River Ranch and realized I was definitely shooting for law enforcement. WoopWoop! (Literally.. I am making siren noises for you guys right now.)

Thankfully I had already taken care of everything with the tags (that I thought Dave had taken care of), and all my speeding tickets (not that many), and finally not had a warrant out for my arrest (um, paperwork mistake over a year ago– for the record, don’t trust all comedy schools… if you don’t want a record!) by the time I brought out my cameras.


So naturally I started with:

“Yep, I know it’s expired…” before even introducing myself. Sounds about right… right?


Turns out- these two are such good natured people- they overlooked my insanity from the get-go and brought out their dog Trigger. I’m hoping Trigger fell in love with me, too– because this nugget was way too perfect for photos. Go look at that face.

We walked around the ranch so I could get to know them a bit, and get to know their wedding venue. It’s FULL of amazing distractions. AKA animals.

If you’ve been following me you might have seen one or one hundred of my animal selfies- and this was one of those good days! Goats and horses all super sweet roaming the pastures out on the Ranch.

The sun was setting perfectly to head to the dock over the water- and Trigger decided it would be a perfect time for a swim… which he was totally right.

It was such a great session and I’m glad we made sure to get photos in two outfits. I do try to tell couples it’s a great idea to switch it up and I love when they bring options that work perfectly with the venue backdrops.
Can’t wait for their wedding at King River Ranch! Every person I talked to was so helpful and didn’t mind my obsession with their animals one bit. They even encouraged it.

So thankful for great venues!


11 thoughts on “Caitlin & Kegan |Golden Hour & Golden Pup at King River Ranch

  1. Wow, what a beautiful couple! I bet they are over the moon with these great engagement photos. I bet you are excited to photograph their King River Ranch wedding!

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