Alex & Sonny | Kindred Oaks Wedding

Hey guys! Have you spent any time with me at all?

If so, whether in real life or just here on my blog, you already know that I am 1) obsessed with romantic romances 2) trying like a maniac to blog all my favorite romantic romances and I feel awful most of the time because I simply can’t keep up 3) determined to only book romantic romances from here on out.


THAT being said. 

This wedding was as romantic as they come. Not shocking, seeing as this was their engagement session. *(Yes, you should click that and scroll their engagement session at Butler Park- their style and their pup was a great lead up to this wedding!)

I love when people include their fur babies in their wedding. Monty was no exception.  Also, all the cute ideas for this wedding are so great for other couples to check out. Their wedding guest book had inspiration for the guests to leave them specific wishes- like a full page left open to give them ideas for date nights. 

Y’all know I’m about everything that shows that a couple is thinking about more than the wedding day. That is what is so romantic. When a couple plans on their marriage it’s one of the most romantic things you can witness in the crazy thing called life.

Because you know what? Sometimes it takes me forever to blog things… and nothing makes me happier than keeping up with my couples on social media and seeing that they are still so excited to have their date nights… or bringing to light the positive in their relationship. Even after the hype of the wedding day is over. 

The moments of this wedding pulled at me.

From watching this bride Alex take time the day of to go out into the open spaces at Kindred Oaks to help put things where they needed to be, to seeing her transform into a princess of a bride, then invite her dad in for a first look that gave me chills.

Monty *(their adorable pup) was up for his responsibilities, and even the individual chairs were marked in the front row for the family VIPS. *(yes, everyone is very important on a wedding day, but labeling where your parents or grandparents are supposed to sit can ease a lot of stress in the timeline of the ceremony!) 

Everything was just so classy, and it was a bonus that we got to make use of the Texas golden hour after they became man and wife.

We were all having such a blast at the party- no one wanted to leave! Always a fun sign in my eyes. Okay, another fun sign might have been people doing back bends, flip overs and all the dances you could imagine.

Including their first dance! Yep. Their first dance was so incredible, and had lifts, twists, sexy moves and impressive spins that had everyone actually swooning. (I was totally watching the guests reactions in between shooting!)

When we finally had to call it a night, the sparkler exit was stunning. Then you know there was no way I wasn’t going to sneak Alex & Sonny back around for a few night shots with the stars, their ceremony spot, and then out back by the infamous LOVE sign that Kindred Oaks lights up in the evening.

I hope you all love scrolling through these, and Alex and Sonny- please know that I still use the wine glass you gave as your favor! I think it’s the cutest.

Congrats over and over you two!


Venue: Kindred Oaks Wedding Venue 

Florist: ZuZu’s Petals

Bridal Gown: Essense of Australia from Signature Bridal Salon

Hair & Makeup: Glitter Knockout  Mission Stylehouse


8 thoughts on “Alex & Sonny | Kindred Oaks Wedding

  1. Such amazing hues, gorgeous details, and amazing sunset portraits at this wedding. You are a talented wedding photographer, and captured such wonderful moments for this couple at Kindred Oaks.


  2. WOW! I love this wedidng at Kindred Oaks. What a Fantastic wedding venue. The Giant letters and all their details are so cute. and this bride is Stunning!!


  3. Such a gorgeous Kindred Oaks wedding from Elizabeth Birdsong Photography and Amy’s amazing Austin wedding photography! This is everything you do best. Engagement shoots with critters, rustic yet elegant decor, and killer night portraits! I love everything about this.


  4. So many gorgeous shots in this Kindred Oaks Wedding by Elizabeth Birdsong Photography! Congratulations to the newlywed couple, and what a fun celebration of love!


  5. Wow! Beautiful wedding photography again by Amy at Elizabeth Birdsong Photography! This looks like a fun, full of excitement and love type of wedding at Kindred Oaks. I always love your reception photos!


  6. Kindred Oaks is one stunning wedding venue – period. The perfect venue for a romantic wedding day, as this couple (and your amazing wedding photography) clearly demonstrate! Love the gorgeousness you captured!


  7. Love this outdoor Texas wedding at Kindred Oaks!! Everything has such a golden feel (maybe that’s the Texas in it lol!) and it just seems like a great day for everyone. Wonderful wedding photos!


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