Brandi & Paden | Hotel Van Zandt Wedding on Rainey Street

How gorgeous was their engagement session here?

I had been looking forward to getting back into Hotel Van Zandt since then. It’s when I fell in love with the Cafe in the lobby along with every single light fixture around the place.

When I got to the girls I was so excited to see them in something different- black robes surrounded the bride in her. BHLDN does such a beautiful job turning heads when it comes to creating wedding wear. I still have people asking about the lace bridal robe after posting it to my Instagram.

Everyone loves miniature. Miniature ketchup bottles, travel size shampoos, they are all adorable. I can now add tiny individual champagne bottles to that must- have list. (& I don’t even love champagne).

Brandi got into her gorgeous gown and we got ready for the first look.

Now, I am not one to tell a bride or groom whether or not a first look is right for them. All I know is I am so glad these two went ahead and started the fun together before the ceremony.

This way they were able to really hang out with their wedding party- who we also set up a first look for! That was something I haven’t done.. Reveal the couple to their entire wedding party to see their reaction. Then we got into some gambling- and we’ll just say what happens at the Van Zandt stays at the Van Zandt. *(okay, or you can just scroll and see the photos).

We took time before the ceremony to also let Brandi have a moment with her dad to give him his gift. The embroidered handkerchief had a quote that I absolutely love: “Dad, of all the walks we’ve taken, this one is my favorite.” 

They set the mood for the ceremony with candles everywhere and the detailed sconces of the Van Zandt dimly lit. You guys know I am a sucker for dramatic lighting… so I set up my Canon flashes and threw on my Magnet Mod grids over the top to make sure it wasn’t an eye sore for guests to have flashes go off during the vows.

After their dog actually brought the rings down, I was pretty sure the cuteness had peeked.

Not true.

They all made such a great entrance to the reception. The entire wedding party decked out in sunglasses and the one and only DJ David Hexum making sure everything timed perfectly with their music you couldn’t help but get excited about the party!

The best men were seriously memorable starting off their speech together… in unison. Thankfully they took turns after the crowd had their laugh and everyone got to know Brandi and Paden through their closest friends and also through eyes of the father of the bride.

There was not a dull moment between the beautifully lit photo booth, packed dance floor, southern style buffet (so many comfort food stations all presented perfectly) and who wouldn’t dream of having a late night surprise of breakfast tacos.

Oh, you read that right. 

We all freaked out a bit over the delivery of breakfast tacos after everyone had been partying and enjoying the night!

They took a moment to sneak out with me to capture one last set of night shots- and I was able to snap a quick time lapse…. opening my shutter long enough to capture movement after they kissed.

Thank you guys so much for letting me get creative with your wedding and thanks to all my awesome readers for following along with me on my favorite events!

Congrats Brandi & Paden!


Venue: Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt

DJ: David Hexum of Infinity Sound Lab



8 thoughts on “Brandi & Paden | Hotel Van Zandt Wedding on Rainey Street

  1. Soooo many great things about this beautiful wedding at Hotel Van Zandt on Rainey Street!! You captured this gorgeous wedding flawlessly leaving all the dramatic lighting intact. Those ceremony photos are perfect, I loved reading about how you lit it 🙂


  2. Love this Hotel Van Zandt wedding! And your dramatic lighting style in both their wedding and engagement session. They seem more like a fairy tale to me and I love that. And the wedding party photos are so fun.


  3. So many beautiful details at this wedding at the Hotel Van Zandt on Rainey Street. What a fairy tale wedding. Beautiful wedding photography.


  4. Good lord, I love your Texas wedding photography! These wedding photos from the Hotel Van Zandt is a perfect reason why. I love the dark and moody tones with this elegant wedding. Her dress, that wedding party first look, all of it is just perfect. Really stunning work.


  5. Hotel Van Zandt looks so beautiful. I love how moody and cool they look. So may great bridal party photos and your reception photos are gorgeous. Great work!


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