Alycia & Chris | Austin Creekside Winter Wedding

You could already feel all the positive energy when you walked into the cottage where the girls were prepping.

After finding out what this bride had already been through? I was so proud at how they handled all their weekend threw at them. The weather in New Jersey was grounding flights and subsequently keeping multiple guests from flying into Central Texas.

Alycia, Chris and I had already faced a little adversity together and came through unfazed, so I was sure there would be magic happening regardless.

Guys. For their engagement session- we had the natural area of Jacob’s Well in mind, but by the time we got there the park was just about closed! Since I had driven past a winery on the way there, I suggested we all just pull around to see if they were still open. Thankfully Wimberly Valley Winery took us in with open arms and let us use their property.

Seeing all the girls being so positive around this sweet bride and keep all the spirits up was exactly what I keep writing about. Every wedding has it’s unexpected twists. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I write as much as possible for couples to expect the unexpected *(I might be watching Big Brother right now) and usually there is still panic and stress enough to pass around.

These ladies did it right. They had processed all the news and focused on the positive! The bride’s brother was going to be able to make it after a lot of travel set backs, and seeing her run to hug him when he came through the door was a beautiful moment I’m sure they’ll never forget.

Once the guys made it from helping everyone from the hotel, we set the groom up for their first look. *(In case you haven’t seen this tradition, it’s where the wedding couple has a moment alone together without everyone around to see each other before the ceremony.) And everything after was complete romance.

The ceremony was performed by the bride’s coworker- and it was such a great gift to get to hear about Alycia talking about her boyfriend and then fiancé in the work place and see that it all led to this moment. Their personal vows had everyone crying- and produced some of my favorite bridesmaid reactions while they were at it! *(And yes, I may have used those reaction photos on my instagram to describe just how emotional I get during every episode of This Is Us.) 

We had so much fun shooting the photos beforehand that by the time they said I do we were ready to sign the truck *(cute tradition at Creekside) and start the party!

The mariachi band brought the Texas atmosphere during their delicious Southern dinner, *(yes, I had a great big plate of brisket, thank you) and the first dances carried on all that romance they started back at the ceremony. The dance floor was non stop once it opened up and the DJ kept everyone happy with throwing in such a mix of genres!

They truly brought the best parts of Texas and Jersey together on this wedding. I don’t think I would have ever guessed that these two states could have a wedding mashup to begin with… and this version of two becoming one was seemed to mean all that much more. From the favors to the music throughout the night you could see the worlds colliding and you knew these two would just stick together.

Speaking of favors, they had the most unique candy bar of every blue piece of candy you have ever heard of, or in one case it was candy I had not heard of… Alycia- I need to know what the candy was that I believe was called Lasagna?! Or maybe spaghetti? Lol, I am always loving seeing something new… and I took home the cutest two Texas coasters that are sitting proudly on my living room table. *(again, thank you!) It all paired well with their stunning wedding cake and groom’s cake bearing the United States Marine emblem.

We laughed through our night portraits in the fresh cold air as I had to move a little bit of the inside of the vintage truck to allow room for both the bride and the groom to get in and the ever talented Letitia was second shooting from on top of the hood. We made a full team that night considering everyone had to put in a little effort before making our way back inside.

After guests went all out letting loose on the dance floor, posing in the photo booth and even a few doing the worm in front of the DJ booth, it was about time to say goodnight.

The bride’s grandparents shared a sweet dance together as did the mother of the bride with the bride’s grandfather. Those are the dances I am so thankful I am there to capture in addition to the expected first dances. Because like I mentioned before… you need to expect the unexpected. 

They left Creekside to a sparkler exit, but not before thanking me and other vendors. It’s something that sticks with you and you hold dear- these two made sure everyone felt appreciated! I know how dearly they missed everyone who couldn’t make it- so hopefully you enjoyed it through the eyes of their crazy wedding photographer! 

Congrats again, Alycia & Chris!

Engagement Venue: Wimberley Valley Winery

Austin Wedding Venue: Creekside Austin Wedding Venue

Florals: Madly & Love Blooms

Bridal & Wedding Party Beauty Team: Molly Makeup and Hair


8 thoughts on “Alycia & Chris | Austin Creekside Winter Wedding

  1. Every single frame of this Austin wedding is perfect. You get such an amazing array of wide angles, pretty portraits, killer lighting, it’s really Texas wedding photography at it’s finest. The Austin Creekside looks stunning! That ceiling, the lighting, the night portraits!!! All perfect as usual. You know I’m a huge fan!


  2. This Austin Creekside wedding is gorgeous! I love all the personal Texan touches the bride & groom brought into their big day. The portraits from their first look and night photos are really sweet! It really does seem like a good mash up between Texas & New Jersey!!


  3. This Austin Creekside wedding is so stunning! I love all the naturalness to it and those night shots are so beautiful. they will cherish these photos forever. You can really tell that Elizabeth Birdsong captured their true spirits and all the fun of their wedding day.


  4. Always such beautiful wedding photography by Elizabeth Birdsong Photography and this Austin Creekside Winter Wedding is a stunner also. I am just loving all the flowers for the wedding. Those reception photos are just priceless!


  5. Creekside is the perfect venue in Austin for this wedding! I can’t get over how happy and excited everyone looks in your photographs! Beautiful photography!


  6. This Austin Creekside wedding is so lovely and sweet. Love your use of light in the reception coverage! Simply the best Austin Wedding Photography!


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