Connie & Michael | Kindred Oaks Wedding in the Rain

Alanis may think it’s ironic, the mass population may think it’s a symbol of good luck, but I think rain on a wedding day is a romantic setting to bring people into one area.

There have been plenty of weddings at gorgeous venues where you end up missing a majority of the guests due to good weather.

Sound odd?

Well, think of it this way: do you have kids at the weddings? Smokers? There are so many “reasons” that people wander out of the main wedding area, not realizing that they are probably missing out on a moment you intended them to see.

Rain brings everyone under one roof… and keeps them there.

There are so many families and couples, new and old, going through every scenario under the sun *(or in this case, rain) and they are all brought together by one thing: your wedding vows.

Now you might notice what I’m talking about at a “good weather” wedding. If there is a fight between a couple? One leaves to go get some “air”. If a family is stressed? One partner takes a kid outside to let them run the energy out and hope for the best when they come back. *(it should be noted that there is nothing wrong with these scenarios!)

When you have to face whatever issue you’re having head on, there’s nowhere to take a break, you get to see right there on your wedding day the best and worst of what threads us all together, and what beautifully weaves together a marriage.

As the rain came in, the brides family was brought into the bridal suite and surrounded her with prayers and hugs. This coming right after a touching first look with her dad was a perfect way to settle deep into the day’s emotions and let go of the uncontrollable.

This winter wedding was intensely beautiful, and I’m convinced there were moments that some of these guests needed to witness first hand. Like the groom taking time during the ceremony to vow to the bride’s sweet daughter that he would love and cherish her as his own.


For once I was NOT the only one crying. I honestly don’t even know all of what they said to each other because I was trying to actually get the right focus in camera while tears were coming down.

Being who I am, I was determined to use the original alter area for portraits, rain or shine. Kindred Oaks has a phenomenal ceremony option outdoors, so it’s completely understandable why couples hold their breath for a change in weather when it’s raining.

We all managed to keep makeup on after that ceremony somehow, and then during the reception that same sweet daughter decides to SING for the entire wedding. Oh my word. What a cute moment! Not to mention, guests were enjoying warm drinks thanks to the hot cocoa bar set up outside of the regular bar provided. Peppermint cocoa for a Christmas wedding is such a great detail, by the way... and this was right next to a s’mores station.

The dance floor stayed packed, the speeches spoke of how their love had made it through thick and thin already– and I think I always have way too much fun with the night shots at this Texas venue. How can I not?

Go check out ALL those LOVE photos- these two pulled off a wedding with two kids, managed to smile through the rain, and are still making each other laugh as I type. *(YES I check in on my couples!) 

So congrats again to you two- I hope you loved every minute of looking back at your wedding day!

Wedding Venue: Kindred Oaks

Officiant: Short & Sweet Weddings





14 thoughts on “Connie & Michael | Kindred Oaks Wedding in the Rain

  1. Wedding rain is totally good luck! This bride & groom lucked out, they had the beautiful indoor AND outdoor ceremony locations at Kindred Oaks! I love how perfectly Texas this wedding is, but with a good mix of modern Austin! Having the bride’s daughter be a part of the ceremony was so sweet – Love that their little family was strengthened with the wedding!

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  2. Love this wedding at Kindred Oaks in Austin. Such a great winter wedding. and THOSE shoes!! Awesome! So sweet having the bride’s daughter be a part. Such a great beginning for their new family.

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  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Such amazing Kindred Oaks wedding photography! All of her details are so gorgeous! Her bouquet is stunning and can we talk about those romantic night portraits?!?! They’re perfect.


  4. Elizabeth Birdsong Photography did an amazing job with this wedding at Kindred Oaks! I love the beautiful night portraits best!


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