Emmy & Mario | Dream Wedding at the Terrace Club

There is something that draws me in to weddings that you can feel what season it’s in. 

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter… there is something beautiful to seasonal weddings. This wedding had a season all of it’s own.

I’m labeling it myself as a Romantic Winter Valentine wedding.

It was the weekend before the notorious February 14th… that day that so many people decide to vocalize just how for or against a “national love day” they are. And I can tell you this:

This wedding had everyone believing in all things gushy, lovey-dovey, and I’m sure the word “swoon” was actually used more than once.

The Terrace Club is known as a romantic venue in Central Texas, thankfully an easy drive coming from Austin. Dripping Springs is basically the haven for hill country weddings, with the views taking all your guests away from any of their everyday stressors.

I mean, scroll down to the bridal room. That’s just where the prep happens. 

If you keep going you’ll see that even without any hoopla, this venue is gorgeous at it’s core.

But that hoopla, I tell ya. 

The red tones that they chose for bridesmaids dresses, accents and florals seemed to fit with the season, the skin tones and even the sound. Is that even possible? This wedding had nothing but good sounds from start to finish, and the colors flowed with it all.

The backdrop for the ceremony? Pure hill country bliss. When we say hill country venue, I feel like people think it might be a generic statement. But out here?

It means you gotta see some hills, y’all!

Or at least that’s what it needs to mean for me to call it a hill country venue.

And as this little flower girl got wheeled in a way that I can only dream to get wheeled into venues, things were every bit as romantic as you could hope. The guests forgot they were a little chilly as they saw the dress.

LOOK at that dress! *(really, go look.)

Dreamy lace that was completely off the shoulder- which very few designers have done in a way that stays on past. a. fitting. 

You could feel the excitement as she made her way down the long staircase. They laughed through the beautiful ceremony, which was just long enough for me to get up to the balcony that overlooks the full scene that is central Texas.

That excitement only kept building as the night went on. No one had to be reminded to keep cheering as the wedding party danced through the doors while the DJ pumped all the best jams. I can still say jams, right? Does that give away my age? 

Y’all must know by now that I love ANY part of a wedding that makes me feel a part of what makes you two stay in love with each other.

With this wedding – that moment happened when this bride surprised her new hubby with a video collection unlike one that I have ever seen. Slideshows are so great to have for people to see your lives, but this was a video of her side of things during the proposal. How she felt before hand, and the story of everything her groom went through to make the moment magical. Including going out of his way to ask her family’s blessing.

OH! And I did think the second floor of The Terrace Club was going to fall through during some of these dances, guys. This floor was so packed you could feel it moving. Which didn’t do that great for my fear of extremely random ways of dying, but no worries- we were all fine. I even learned a NEW dance!

We watched them twirl around with friends and family and get emotional through the dollar dance *(look it up if you’ve never seen it, it’s actually a good way to say hi to guests if you aren’t going to be walking around to each table) before wrapping up the night with a night shot, more dancing and yes- FIRE.

I loved that they had their sparkler exit leading up to a huge bus for guests to be able to head out safely after the party. That should be HIGH priority for every wedding.

Congrats again, Emmy & Mario! Glad I’m not alone in thinking that Drake just got itched 😉



Venue: The Terrace Club, Dripping Springs, Texas

Austin Wedding Bakers for the Cake: Sweet Treets Bakery

Austin Hair and Makeup team: Lola Beauty ATX 

Austin/Hill Country/ San Antonio DJ & Uplighting- Illuminating Celebrations

Photo Booth: Austin City Photo Booth 


12 thoughts on “Emmy & Mario | Dream Wedding at the Terrace Club

  1. What an Amazing wedidng at The Terrace Club. I love all the red and all the details! Such a beautiful dream Winter wedidng in Austin!


  2. The Terrace Club is definitely an ideal venue for a classic, stunning wedding. The bridal room is gorgeous, and I love the deep cranberry hue they chose for their decor. Nice job on the portraits – her veil shots are to die for! Congratulations to this Texas couple and way to throw a great party!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a dreamy, wintry, gorgeous Austin TX (ATX!!) wedding at The Terrace Club. The hill country is quite amazing! The separate Bride & Groom photos are both dreamy too – but when they come together for romantic portraits, phew, you can feel their love!!


  4. Wow, this wedding in Austin, Texas is phenomenal! They are so lucky to not only have their wedding at The Terrace Club, but to also have you as their photographer! AMAZING work!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a romantic Central Texas wedding. The Terrace Club is such a perfect background for your rich and creative wedding photography. So many beautiful moments and details, just perfect.


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