Nancy & David | Horseshoe Bay Wedding in the Rain

Get ready for it.


One of the next big blogs on my advice column here is going to only be about RAIN on your wedding day.

Big, pouring, overbearing drops of condensation.

You know I feel like it can really bring couples closer when the unexpected rain starts heading in… and we all know how 90% of the world feels about it.

I’m trying to change the world, y’all.

But I know my brain sees things differently. I think we all know my brain is different 😉 

This wedding at Horseshoe Bay Resort definitely got rained on- but check those ceremony photos! Other than the shots where you see umbrellas, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was raining throughout the whole thing.

Look at the sweet way the parents are looking on at the vows, and the way the bride and groom get so excited to welcome their son up to help with the unity ceremony sand piece.

With the pastor being fully animated as well, even couples in the audience of guests cuddled up to hear the reading about love.

I have to applaud this entire wedding party- they stayed out with us in the rain to get a few shots before joining the cocktail hour on the lawn.

And you know who else is a CHAMP?!?!

Their wedding planner. PAIGE PRATER.

Can you insert the WOW emoji in your heads right now?!

She killed it, getting everything set up perfectly inside for the reception, making sure every centerpiece and plating layout was in place before their entrance into the party was no small feat.

We went out for very few portraits, but what more could you ask for then having fire, rain and light reflections for the few wedding portraits you took? So I was pretty thrilled with the results of the frames we got from the fire pit all the way to the docks of the Yacht club.

Now- if you haven’t heard of The Spazmatics, GO LOOK. This band is seriously amazing for an entertaining night, and I highly suggest if you are either in Austin or Orlando or ANYWHERE they are playing- go catch a show! 80’s music gives crowds life, and no one does it better.

Between all the girls getting on stage, the bride playing the band’s guitar, and the newlyweds exiting their wedding reception on a boat… hopefully you get your fix for the moment of why rain on your wedding day can be just as dreamy as any other day you had planned.


*(did you check out those acrylic drink stirrer place cards?! ScriptedEverAfter nailed all the details at this wedding!)

And now for those Spazmatics!

Their wedding exit: running through sparklers to their getaway boat! *(still impressed no one fell off those docks after it rained.) 

Venue: Horseshoe Bay Resort Yacht Club

Wedding Planner: Paige Prater with Horseshoe Bay Wedding Planning

Austin Hair & Makeup Artist: Amber Anderson – Vixen Hair & Makeup

Florist: Treasured Blossoms Floral Event Design

Stationary, Laser Cutting and Event Branding: Scripted Ever After

DJ: Full Scope Entertainment

Officiant: Scott Payne

Austin Wedding Baker: Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop

Austin Wedding Band: The Spazmatics – the Orlando crew!

Head over to Elizabeth Birdsong Photography or follow @PhotographerAmy on Instagram for more ridiculously fun weddings.

10 thoughts on “Nancy & David | Horseshoe Bay Wedding in the Rain

  1. Maybe everyone who books a wedding at Horseshoe Bay will want a little bit of rain on their wedding day after seeing these photos! You captured their joy beautifully and the details are just stunning. Elizabeth Birdsong Photography, I think you’ve outdone yourself this time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! What stunning wedding photography from Horseshoe Bay! So much joy, so much beauty from beginning to end of this rainy day wedding. The night portraits and that KILLER sparkler exit into an awaiting boat is just about the most romantic thing ever. LOVE these!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. WOW! This wedding is Stunning! Loved that it happened in the rain and the couple jsut enjoyed their day. so many beautiful wedding portraits!

    Liked by 1 person

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