Payton & Matthew | Hill Country Wedding at Vintage Villas

This group… the bride, groom, wedding party, the guests, the family.

This group is the type of people you meet and realizeoh, there really is still a bunch of good people in the world.”

Let me tell you about their day…

…from the ending.

Their reception ended with a worship session led by their friends, and I know how it sounds to a lot of people. How could that be fun? A few readers might be thinking that receptions should only end in crazy drunken shenanigans to be considered a good time.

This was beautiful. Heart felt.

You could tell it’s just how they live their lives.

And personally I don’t think there are many weddings that could have ended like that. Or at least not without guests rolling their eyes or sneaking out the back.

It always impresses me when a group can have just as much fun at night- while keeping things 100% classy the entire time. This wedding was the definition of class.

They prayed for each other, they encouraged each other and they were super sweet and encouraging to me throughout the entire day.

I’ve known a few wedding vendors that will get annoyed being at or hosting a “religious” wedding. And I get it. Believe me— I have been to some weddings that I have no idea why they pretended to include God for the first hour then treated me, other vendors and each other like He didn’t exist the rest of the night.

I think that’s what the world has a problem with. Things not matching up. Going through those religious rituals, then living in the exact opposite of what was “preached”.

There was so much joy on these kids faces –  I hope they never lose sight of what they have right now. And yeah- I feel with another birthday coming soon I can call them kids 😉

All worship and non drunken shenanigans aside- can you even get enough of the bride’s shoes or those bridesmaid’s dresses???  And the bouquets… Everything came together so perfectly that I had a field day with photos.

Literally. Vintage Villas has such a good hill country view, and the sunset that day just happened to be phenomenal. I got carried away! (Not sorry about it.)


5 thoughts on “Payton & Matthew | Hill Country Wedding at Vintage Villas

  1. This is absolutely stunning wedding photography from Vintage Villas. The details are flawless as always, the light warm and welcoming and the mood absolutely joyous. The sunset portraits are absolutely stunning. I loved every frame that you shared in your amazing Texas wedding blog!


  2. Love this faith-filled wedding at Vintage Villas in the Texas Hill Country. This is the perfect venue for wide open Texas Sky sunsets!


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed looking all all the pictures from this Hill Country Wedding at Vintage Villas! I bet they are over the moon with all the pictures you got! My favorites are the ones with them outside and the off camera flash. Great work!


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