Taking Bluebonnet Portraits in Central Texas… safely.

It’s all about timing.

Bluebonnets are a huge staple of Springtime as the state flower of Texas. Another huge staple of Spring?

Wedding season.

When the bluebonnets are in bloom- it seems like you see them everywhere. Spreading throughout the highways, popping up in medians and back in the thick of brush and trees.

It’s rare to find them in such a beautiful field, tucked away safely with gorgeous backdrops far away from heavy traffic.

It’s even more rare for me to be able to take on sessions in Spring between weddings and travel. That’s what I am trying to change in the next few years. Taking on my weddings, but not overbooking myself in Spring and Fall in order to clear up a little time for portrait sessions for my current clients in all this natural beauty.

I’m so thankful this family got to have a bluebonnet session this year! I’ve known this couple since their engagement session at McKinney Falls, shot their wedding at Camp Lucy, their maternity in downtown historic Gruene and a few years ago visited their family home for a newborn session for their daughter.

Seeing the family grow from their dog, Handsome, leaning over  to check out the new baby girl laying in her mama’s wedding dress to their now three year old playing with that same sweet pup, is something I don’t take for granted.

But there was a quick time while we were going to look at some longhorns, that I saw a little girl, barely older than the one pictured, running out across the road. No one was watching her. Her mom was posing for multiple selfies with a longhorn and her dad was busy with two other kids by the car on the other side.

Now if you’ve followed my instagram or blog for any amount of time, you know I’m the first one to admit daily that I’m the most imperfect mama.

Almost to a fault, making sure that other parents know they aren’t alone when they mess up around their kids.

I bring up that little girl running across the road for this reason: 




If you are on the side of the road to capture your piece of Texas memorabilia, be heightened to the risk vs. reward factor.

Your instagram post could either include “#BlueBonnets” or “#hospitallivin” depending on when you choose to go. And no, I’m not taking this subject lightly.

If you look up any bluebonnet news of when and where to find them? You typically find it paired with safety advice for getting near them. From as “simple” as check for fire ants, look around and listen for snakes, to going nowhere near the shoulder of the highway.

In case you are wondering if you’re allowed to take home a precious state flower? Check where you’re about to pick. State parks have rules against it. Venues have rules. Highways? Well, just take care of Texas, y’all.

Now during our session, little Handsome (their pup), may have eaten a few wildflowers, but we promised to look the other way… seeing as he did such a great job participating in family photos. Which should be a stipulation for a lot of rewards 😉 

I wasn’t shocked how smoothly this portrait session went, guys. I’m hoping I’m lucky enough to  shoot for this family for years to come. This sweet mama has grown up in Texas and never had her own bluebonnet photos taken.

Thankful I got to be the one to fix that!

Sarah, Danny, Aurora and Handsome- y’all are awesome. Keep being you- and keep loving on each other the way you do.


Location: Fredericksburg, Texas

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9 thoughts on “Taking Bluebonnet Portraits in Central Texas… safely.

  1. I love these Texas Bluebonnet family portraits! I’m such a huge fan of your Texas and destination wedding photography, that it’s a real treat to see you taking time for beautiful family photos. These are just lovely springtime family photos.


  2. OMG the Texas Bluebonnets just make this sweet family even cuter! I love their portraits in the spring flower fields of central Texas! It’s so awesome how you’ve been able to document & photograph this family’s growth through the years, I’m sure they love it too!


  3. Wow what a gorgeous happy family! The photographs look like ones you’d find on a catalog. I love the ones where they are all laughing it genuinely made me smile. I also love how you put in a psa about being aware while getting those perfect shots. You always hear about people falling off cliffs getting selfies but being by a highway or not watching you child is just as dangerous. The bluebonnets are insanely pretty but they aren’t getting hurt over.


  4. What a great post about Texas Bluebonnets, the state flower. I really enjoyed learning about another states flower. Beautiful family portraits, they are lucky to have you as their photographer!


  5. You captured this family with Texas Bluebonnets perfectly!! I also really love that straight stone wall-how amazing! You captured this family so well-how are they going to choose what to hang up on their walls?!


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