Cheryl & Paul | Geneva on the Lake Elopement

Storms came rushing in the night before the wedding, and I didn’t even think twice about what the wedding day would look like.

If you know me in personal life or professional, you know I won’t check the weather, I just bring an umbrella and rain gear no matter what. It’s still going to be your wedding day, and I’m still going to capture it.

Wedding day rolled in, and so did a bit more rain.

I pulled up to the Lakehouse Inn and walked around the property. Immediately made note that this would make an amazing family vacation spot as they let me check into my room early and handed me freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. 

Once I put my stuff down in my room, I realized they had set out lavender soap *(lavender anything is a weakness of mine) and mint lip balm from local vendors. What a great move for any bed and breakfast in a place like Geneva on the Lake. 

Elopement style weddings are so much fun, and so relaxed. If you asked me to make pros and cons lists for both elopement style and huge guest count weddings, I could go on and on about each.

No help, right?

Well, to me it’s like asking your waiter what you should order. 

There’s a lot of routes you can go down, and no one else can guarantee you’ll be happy.

Big wedding, small wedding… the two people getting married need to be happy to be vowing to be together and that’s what counts.

That being said, it’s amazing that the venue had a gorgeous white tent that could fit the bride and groom’s few family members for dinner while still keeping the gorgeous view of the water and the sunset. 

When the music started for the bride to walk down the stairs to the aisle, everyone seemed to forget that the sun was now blazing down on us and that it had even rained at all to start the day.

We watched the groom’s daughter hand over the rings, and we listened to them say “I do” while a few tears were shed around the few who were blessed enough to be there.

After their ceremony and arranging the family photos, they went right into their first dance. Then everyone enjoyed food, drinks and visiting with family. That’s one of the beauties of an extremely small guest list. The timeline is one that you simply sit back and enjoy. 

No one is waiting on anything other than enjoying seeing you two on your first day married. 

If there is a speech, it can be impromptu, like this bride’s father’s sweet words during dinner. A dinner that everyone could simply get up and serve themselves a delicious meal and get more when they needed. Which believe me, I did. It was all delicious.

From there, everyone played games and continued to enjoy the food and drinks. Card games were going on at the tables, jenga in the corner, and corn hole just outside the tent.

Once the sun started to set, I took the bride and groom away. This coast line, y’all.

I still won’t apologize for calling Lake Erie an ocean multiple times. It’s stunning.

Then came the questionable move of me putting us all on the Ferris wheel of unthinkable speed. Never will I ever again think… “hmmm, there’s no way that ride goes thaaattt fast.” 

It did. It did go that fast.

I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to focus my lens at all after being flung around in a wobbly bucket ten times like we were in the teacups at Disney World. 

And honestly I still think it was worth it. 

(As was walking out on a skinny piece of cement to get a shot, and same with this bride kicking off her shoes to walk on the beach that was left after the tide came in.)

Can you just scroll down to that sunset? 

If you scroll back up I’ll have you scroll right back down to see the sweetest little father daughter dance you ever did see between the groom and his girl. Then it was time to light the fire and enjoy the s’mores and the last of the color leaving the clouds.

Of course I took advantage of the last light with a couple more sister-sister shots (couldn’t help it, you can check out her sister’s wedding here) and I’m also pretty sure the photos of them could be used at some point for a Corona ad. Just throwing that out there.

Dancing under the tent turned into a father daughter dance for the bride, and we ended with one more night shot to wrap things up. 
All the best goes to this couple who literally hung out on a limb (bucket) with me and made sure to really enjoy their day.

Wedding Venue: Lakehouse Inn


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