Teri & Derrick | Fall Wedding in Windsor

If you can actually have a perfect storm as a photographer, this would be it.

No couple wants rain falling down over an outside ceremony, right?

*(if  you don’t know, the answer is typically: “right.”)

Because if you’ve planned all year on an outside wedding, you’ve probably planned for sunshine.

And that’s just fine.

When you’re a couple that has hired me, however, and you’re plan an outdoor wedding- you probably get bombarded with links to all my blogs about rain, weather and crazy wedding planning.

You’re welcome.

Look, I know I can be intense, harsh and pretty direct about planningbut I have a whole lot of love and a whole lot of reasons behind my why.

You can’t stop the rain, but, as was the case at this wedding, you can be as prepared as humanly possible to get through it and still come out on top. This bride’s family *(I believe it was the mother of the bride?) went and bought enough umbrellas for every one of the guests to be covered.

Talk about perfect planning.

Then they already had baskets of blankets for everyone to cuddle with upon arrival, so what more could you need?

In almost epic and ironic timing- the clouds moved in with the bride as she made her way (with a little extra graceful “push” from the wind, mind you) across the bridge to where the guests were seated.

And for those of you that know me, no- I didn’t actually break into Alanis Morisette’s chorus of “it’s like raaAaaaeeeAaaAaainnnn on your weddinggggg day” even once.

But I was still so excited to look around and see these guests reacting to the rain. Everyone was still smiling just as big,  pulled out their umbrella, and leaned in closer to help each other to block the winds.

My biggest excitement of shooting weddings in the rain? It presents an entirely different outlook. Making sure you see every angle as if you planned on it raining. Because you know what? I do plan on it.

In the same exact pattern that I always plan on anything that might be problematic. Greet the guests with the solution so they have no room to do anything other than smile and say “aww, they thought of us even though it’s _____”.

Worried about guests having heat exhaustion at summer weddings? I suggest having coolers or troughs full of bottled water placed right before your ceremony space.

Ceremony during crazy mosquito times? Possibly a dusk wedding? Provide bug spray. Yes, even some chemical filled bottles for people like me who still use it, and the natural type for those who prefer.

Having guests who are sitting under the sun with no cover for 45 minutes or more? (remember even if your ceremony is “short”, your guests arrive well before the officiant begins talking and have to sit and wait for things to begin. Please please provide sunscreen and even suggest using your ceremony programs as a fan if you can’t provide small accordion fans.

This wedding should be an example of how to plan on cold weather and some showers for your guests, so if you’re planning- take notes, screen shot, and of course email me your questions anytime.

Another bonus was hanging with this group of girls over the weekend. Teri, Derrick and I had already shot their engagement in Cleveland *(which actually ended in rain as well!) and I knew they would have a great group surrounding them. I’ve known Teri for an undisclosed amount of years, lol. Undisclosed because I am not sure if we can even pin point exactly where and how we met. Let’s just say it ranges from church to karaoke and leave us all wondering about the rest. 😉

But for real. Who gets to stay in a log cabin and get to see the Amish pass by on a horse and buggy on the way to the wedding venue? This girl.

I had way too much fun shooting the details in a tree stump, shooting the girls getting ready and watching Teri transform into a stunning bride to worry about any weather rolling in, even though we could all see it coming.

Some of the most beautiful moments of this wedding were derived from pain.

Derrick has been through the unimaginable with losing his father. The moment he started trying to tell me that he would be having a moment for his dad during the ceremony, I knew I wanted to take a portrait of him right then. For some that might seem intrusive or inconsiderate. For me, family is everything. Capturing that exact emotion is a way to bring us every bit of  being able to feel the moments that they were with us during our day.

Even having the actual rain come down on the ceremony brought beauty. I don’t think Teri’s eyes or her smile would have been popping half as much if she didn’t let herself feel every bit of frustration, tears and hiding away with her new hubby after the rain.

That being said- look at all. that. beauty.

Look at every little detail that came together without a hitch. That candy bar, the cake holder that was made by the groom, (um, Etsy side job?) and I don’t think I have to point out the scenery, right?

Enjoy that the pastor took time during the reception to give his heartfelt words for them so he could shorten the ceremony, and that Teri’s dad brought her baby picture as a prop in his speech. It was all simply perfect, right down to the mother of the bride doing a near handstand to have as much fun as the ring bearer.

Okay, I could go on for days just on that ring bearer- but I’ll let you guys go scroll through and let’s see if you can find when the wedding party changed their shoes to be a bit more comfortable for the reception. 

CONGRATS to you two, Teri & Derrick! I can’t wait for you to pick your own favorites.

Enjoy a few of mine…

Venue: Meadow Ridge Events  

Cake: B&T’s Sweet moments  (cake stand made by groom)

Bouquets: Lisa Daniel Floral Design

Hair:  The Perfect Hair and Makeup : Agne

Makeup: Adrienne Eichenlaub

Dress: *(actual bridal shop now closed) altered at: Liliana Bridal House

DJ: Jul Big Green

Flowers for tables: Flower Port








5 thoughts on “Teri & Derrick | Fall Wedding in Windsor

  1. What a story… Beautifully told. Gorgeous bride and her handsome groom on their wedding day. Mesmerizing bridal portraits and wedding bridal party. Beautiful pictures!


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