Caitlyn & Austin | It’s a Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes

Say you’ll remember me, standing in my white dress, staring at the sunset, babe.

-Taylor Swift, Wildest Dreams

There’s no way I wouldn’t start this blog with Taylor Swift lyrics. It would just be wrong.

And everything about this session was right.

Even if one of them was not so sure about climbing a mountain for wedding photos. Yes, I’m calling you out, Austin.

If you were to friend Caitlyn or Austin on social media, you’d see their true form: love, humor, sarcasm, even more love for their twin boys, and more humor and blunt honesty on everything from parenting, to love life, to work life.

It’s why we can be friends in real life.

I’ve heard more than once that I can be “a bit much” when it comes to posting the truth about things like the difficulties of motherhood… or my intolerance for ignorant people, the list goes on. And these two not only accept me as I am, they add in the bonus of helping the world with their jobs. So that qualifies for sainthood, right?

They both work tirelessly at often times thankless jobs. Caitlyn is a teacher for ESE* programs and Austin works with law enforcement, and both of them give it their all. They are two really good humans is what I’m saying.

These two also happened to have already gotten married.

Unfortunately, their wedding photographer NEVER gave them their wedding photos.

What. How. WHY. What again.

Okay, I’ll stop screaming at you.

But you can feel why I’m angry, right??? So booking an elopement session in the mountain tops of North Carolina just felt right (for me and Caitlyn at least). And yes they drove from Florida.

As I do, I spent time hiking around finding the best views, checking out every peak I could, seeing which area would have the most impact.

yes, I like proof that I hiked around… enjoy.

On one of my hikes, I heard screaming, thought someone was getting attacked, and happily found out someone had just gotten engaged! They asked me to take a photo for them and I just laughed, because that’s all I want to do ALL DAY! Obviously I got a little distracted with their dog. I only had my cell phone on me, so these photos had to do!

On to the main event of this blog.

Dave (my husband, for anyone who is new here) actually came with me to work– which is very unusual…

But seeing as we had already spent a crazy fun late night up hanging with these two back at an airbnb in Colorado when I was working our friend Summer’s wedding… it seemed fitting that he get to come hang out again here in North Carolina to reunite the foursome.

How cute are these shoes? I had to get a solo shot of them. I want all brides to realize that comfy shoes don’t have to equal ugly shoes. Get the cutest shoes ever that you can actually walk in and you’ll never regret it.

When we finally made it to the mountain range, found parking and then made the trek around the side to the peak… I was so pumped and ready to get going. Can you see why??

We hiked that small portion of the Appalachian trail in perfect time to make use of golden hour, which is one of my favorite hours. How can you not fall in love with watching the sun start dipping behind mountains? It’s impossible to be anything but thankful while you watch those minutes pass by. And side note, I just learned today that we were literally next to the border of Tennessee and I had no idea while we were out there. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Most of you already know my style of exploration and that probably doesn’t shock you in the least.

So, here is what you came for… ALL THE MOUNTAIN WEDDING PORTRAITS!

I’m so thankful for how much ridiculous fun these two had (yes, Austin had just as much fun doing all the ridiculous things). As much as it pains me that their wedding photographer bailed on them as far as delivery- I’m just so happy for the opportunity to help them celebrate their unique love and understanding for each other.

Okay, I wish I didn’t play favorites – but throwing your bride over your shoulder to get back up the hill might have to go in my favorites pile. ๐Ÿ˜†

Can you tell we took ourselves very seriously the entire time? And Dave on that Canon/Magmod Flash duty looking like a crazy mountain man….

What an incredible experience all around. I would encourage any one who is able, to go on as many hikes as you can, as often as you can. You’d be surprised at nature trails near your area, wherever you live!

Even uploading these photos and reliving this session, I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to get to do this for a living.

Thank you to each and every one of my couples who trusts me with their most beloved photos of the most important moments in their life!

Venue: 1 hour NW of Asheville, North Carolina

*Exceptional Student Education (ESE)ย Specialistsย are responsible for providing support to schools to ensure that students with disabilities demonstrate increased participation and performance in the standard or Access curriculum, statewide assessments, and accountability systems

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