Cleasy & Ben | The 2020 Sendoff

I can’t believe this wedding was the last flight I took in 2020.


This was the end of February.

We are almost DONE with 2020.

I am just now starting to look into booking my 2021 flights for weddings, and the familiarity has all but gone from my fingertips. It used to be second nature to be planning flights, and immediately triple checking my layover time to be sure I had a ridiculous amount of time to enjoy my peace and quiet in some random airport that was neither here nor there, where I could shut off my phone and just be.

When I flew in after this wedding? I was flying back to our Santa Cruz, California spot, and I was just really getting to hear about all of this Corona virus situation. Then Dave told me that the latest Covid 19 cases in my area had been two TSA agents at the San Jose airport I had just flown in to.


Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.

With that being said, I felt like once I blogged this one, it would really be true that I was sitting in quarantine, and no longer able to do my job that I love so much.

Because yes, my job is literally to be around huge groups of people every weekend. The biggest not-to-do of our new 2020 lives.

What a wedding to go out on, though.

Packed dance floor, wonderful people being wonderfully close… not realizing just how much we would miss all of this. The best part about this wedding? I truly think not one person could say “gee, if only I would’ve known this would be the last group event for a while, I would’ve had more fun”.

Everyone who showed up to this wedding was truly there to help these two celebrate.

It’s hard to believe such a beautiful wedding venue, with this much space, is tucked away in downtown Austin. The Allan House is a gem to photograph. Right when I walked in, I saw Alyson with Mockingbird Lane Events was already on top of everything, turning the place into even more of a dream. It’s always a treat when you see a team on a wedding day that you know will have everything under control.

And before we let anyone else see the bride in her dress? We let the girls get a peek. These girls were having a blast hanging out before the ceremony, which is exactly how it should be!

Then it was time for the big reveal… the first look. They had the rest of the wedding party gather to cheer them on from the balcony. How cute is this set up?

One big cheers together, than it wasn’t long before they were lined up in front of all the guests! They made sure to sing with each other, get their hugs in, and just enjoy each other’s company before the ceremony. Aren’t we all glad right now for the times we did get close to people?

The ceremony was just as personal, intimate, serious and fun filled… all wrapped up in one, just like their group. You could hear how much they loved each other through every word that was said. Their friend was able to officiate and make sure every guest felt like they were such a part of Ben and Cleasy’s love story.

They DID IT!!! Now can you join us for the celebration? I know it seems like we’ve been celebrating the entire time… and yes, that was a high five from the in laws as they came down the aisle up there. They did that at their wedding, and I’m loving that they kept the tradition alive!!

We made it up to the terrace just in time for the last bit of the sunset, and the Texas sky did not disappoint.

Go scroll through the party… and let’s all be thankful that this was my send out into the 2020 madness. See all those people? Crowded and dancing? Ahhh, I remember the good ole days. Time to reminisce.

How amazing is the clear tent with those chandeliers? And the topper on their cheesecake that included their sweet pup! Okay, I’ll let you keep scrolling…

The DJ had done an amazing job keeping the dance floor completely full, and they saved time for one last dance, just the two of them, after everyone cleared out.

They managed a spectacular (and safe!) sparkler sendoff then jumped into their pedicab (a great way to get around Austin, by the way) and said goodnight!

Congrats, Cleasy and Ben!!! Can’t wait to see what else life has in store for you two!

Austin wedding venue: The Allan House

Austin Wedding planners: Mockingbird Lane Events (Alyson)

Austin Transportation: Austin Pedicab Company

More vendors coming soon!

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